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The Learning tree (TLT) invited Miss Amina Siddiqui, Associate professor and principal of college of speech language and hearing sciences ziauddin university on 6th Aug 2018,as a speaker at The for Learning Tree and Samrahi Montesorri.

Miss Amina Siddiqui addressed the parents and teachers of the children At TLT she elaborated on “language development in the early years”she also explained about the importance of early language stimulation and the factors that influence language development which includes the roles of parents,teachers and other caregivers.All the attendees  remained thoroughly engaged throughout the lectur was a good learning experience for all present.


Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST has organized a Poster Presentation session on 7th August, 2018 at Link road campus for the students. The presentation was assigned for the course work of Civil Engineering Materials followed by the instructor Assistant Professor Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz. Students have participated in the presentations effectively in order to give different ideas for the properties and composition of various metal works. In order to bridge the gap between course and field work, students also elaborated the usage of Ferrous metals as reinforcement work, the main entity of Civil Engineering structures. The activity was successfully accomplished with indigenous sharing of knowledge.

Photography Certificate Course with Kadir Khan

Kadir Khan conducted Certificate Course for Photography at Ziauddin College of Media Sciences. O levels and A levels students joined the certificate course and had fun time learning photography skills very the dynamic  Kadir Khan popularly followed as Effneck a well product & fashion photographer.

Facilitation of Language in Autism using a Floortime approach

Workshop Day 1

The College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University, arranged a three day workshop on the topic, “Facilitation of Language in Autism using a Floortime approach”. The workshop commenced on the 16th of July and ended on the 18th of July 2018. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Mehnaz Maqbool, a Speech and Language Pathologist currently practicing in USA.

The first day of the workshop was on the 16th of July i.e. a Monday. It was held at the auditorium of the Rehabilitation Sciences campus, Ziauddin University. Students and faculty of the College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences as well as alumni and other professionals were also in attendance. The workshop started at 10:00 a.m and ended at 1:00 p.m with a lunch break at 12:00 p.m. Ms. Mehnaz ‘s lecture included an explanation of the term “Floortime”, the steps of implementation and who to implement it. The audience and others remained thoroughly engaged throughout the lecture and interacted with the speaker by asking questions. It was a good learning experience for all present.

Workshop day 2 - Practical day 1

17th July 2018 was the second day of the educational workshop carried out by CCC-SLP Ms. Mehnaz Maqbool. It was a five hour workshop where the attendees observed a hands-on demonstration of using the floortime approach for facilitation of language.

It consisted of three individual therapy sessions, approximately one and a half hour each. Each one was followed by a Q&A session. The attendees were able to gain an in-depth insight into how one can use the floortime approach with children of different temperaments and individual personalities.

Workshop day 3 - practical day 2

18th July 2018 marked the last day of this instructional workshop. The day was divided into three sessions and the layout was the same as day one.

The attendees observed three different patients, witnessing instantaneous effectiveness of this approach in some cases. The attendees also learned the importance of having a multidisciplinary approach to therapy. The instructor often effectively combines SLP techniques with some techniques used by Occupational Therapists to aid the process of language acquisition and multi sensory stimulation.

The arrangement of Video conferencing made by IT department of ZU between the CSLHS college and clinic Campuses. This facilitated observation of the floor time therapy sessions conducted at the clinic campus by Mehnaz; in the college classrooms for all enrolled in the workshop.


As you step through the wooden doors to the second floor, you feel the music flow through your veins, the rhythm gently coaxing your legs to fasten your pace toward the source. The corridor buzzes with the animated chatter of the students, their worrisome creases on their foreheads now barely visible. Students scurrying around in their colorful attires, their chiming laughs filling the atmosphere, abating the usual tensed environment. This is Batch VI. This is us.

We commenced our university days precisely 2.5 years ago, and we’re thrilled to say that we have made it halfway in one piece. This called for a celebration, and if anyone knows how to party, it’s us.

A fusion of Eid Milan and Half Grad, this celebration took place on the 17th of July, 2018. The students pitched in money for the ornaments and cuisine. An hour before the party, we took the liberty to embellish the place, covering the lights with colored cellophane paper, blowing up what seemed like an infinite amount of blue, black, and white balloons, and adorning the walls with vivid hanging décor. We put up all kinds of decorations to give the place an uplifting look, instead of a bland lecture hall.

A few students managed to give an outstanding dance performance after merely two hours of practice, while the rest hollered and clapped till their hands ached. A game of mimicry kept everyone entertained.

The day ended with students sitting together in a mass, eating heartily while simultaneously, cracking jokes and chuckling jovially, and afterward, a batch picture that signified unity, harmony, and sheer bliss.

A huge shout out to the lads of DPT Batch VI, for arranging and managing an unforgettable event with such grace and character.

Written by:

Kanza Rizvi

DPT Batch VI.

Health Fair in ZCON

As the health care delivery system moves from acute care settings to community-based services, nursing education must initiate students’ abilities to function within a changing system. Community Health Nursing focuses on health care to promote quality of life and health care of communities and populations and is a great fit for service learning. In this regard, students of final year BScN IV organized a Health Fair under the supervision of Ms Alia Nasir, Principle ZUCON and Ms Ashraf Valliani, Faculty ZUCON at Primary Health Centre, Sikandarabad Colony on Thursday, July 19th 2018. The event was highly appreciated and admired by Dr Fatima Jahangir, HOD Family Medicine Ziauddin Hospital.

Channel Followed:

  1. Survey (data was collected while driving through the community)
  2. Existing data was analyzed including health surveys and records
  3. Key informants were interviewed who knew what is going on in the community.
  4. A problem/need list was developed to determine the service learning intervention

Components of Health Fair:

  1. Free health check-ups including blood sugar, blood pressure, height, weight and BMI calculations
  2. Free food stalls, information on healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.
  3. Application of free Hina/Mehendi, face paintings and interesting game stalls
  4. Scenarios addressing cultural and social issues via role plays

Workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) implemented on Campus Management System

Date of event: Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

Venue: ZUFEST Auditorium

Speaker: Mr. Sharafat Ali (CMS and Software Developer)

ZUFEST hold multiple workshops/seminars for faculty members, students and staff  for  hands on training on training current trends of Engineering Education in Pakistan i.e. Outcome Based Education (OBE).    Prof. Dr. Munaf Rashid, organized 4th interactive workshop on development of Campus Management System for Outcome Based Education OBE implementation. Representatives of   Biomedical, Civil, Electrical and Software Engineering Programs, along with the heads of department, and representatives from IT department Mr Omer Farooq and Mr Shannan Varind were present in the training session.


The speaker Mr. Sharafat Ali presented different modules of Campus Management System (CMS) required in the handling of  OBE. .  The speaker emphasizes on handling of entire OBE system parameters in a very efficient, automatic and collective manner, which can meet the requirements of Pakistan engineering Council (PEC). Further he had given many suggestions in mapping Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) to Course Learning Outcomes (CLO), and how activities are planned against each CLO. Mr. Sharafat Ali also shows the capability of campus Management System in handling of Bloom’s Taxonomy levels in each CLO and PLOs and their order in courses with pre-requisites.


The speaker practically demonstrated those parts of Campus Management System (CMS) which manages the examination and academic activities on Out Come Based Education (OBE) frame work, i.e.  Assessment types, Marks distribution, Course Learning Outcome (CLO), Programming Learning Outcome (PLO), CLO-PLO attainment summary as well as different graphs and charts of multiple functions were also managed by the system.

Overall the session was very informative and based on experiential learning for the faculty members of ZUFEST who are working on OBE System.

Green Day at Ziuaddin University

In order to produce and built green environment, an activity regarding Plantation entitling Green Day had done at Link Road Campus on Monday, 25th June, 2018. The activity was planned by Department of Civil Engineering, ZUFEST. All faculty members have placed their own Neem plants (Total 7 plants) at particular place in campus which is basically one step forward and vision for clear and unpolluted environment for our beloved city Karachi. The activity was started from the plantation works by our respected chairpersons Engr. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Bashir Pirzada and Engr. Zubair Iqbal Rao then other faculty members and students of Civil Engineering Department has participated individually in this green environment activity.

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