ZCOMS hosts Pakistan International Film Festival (PiFF)

Ziauddin College of Media Sciences, ZCOMS hosted Pakistan International Film Festival (PiFF) that ran from 29th March, 2018 till 1st April, 2018 at Ziauddin University, Clifton Campus.

PIFF was a progressive film festival attended by leading faces of film and media industry. Ziauddin University hosted multiple panels and discussions between prominent Indian & Pakistani filmmakers and stars.

Ziauddin College of Media Sciences was privileged to provide PIFF with a platform to promote Pakistani cinema and filmmakers by creating an interactive space for open dialogue and exchange of ideas that will help Pakistani cinema find its groove again in the post-revival age. PIFF has become the first large-scale film festival in its time and has brought bunch of international film-makers, actors and artists to Karachi to celebrate cinema, interact with members of the Pakistani entertainment industry and exchange stories and ideas.

PIFF’s panel discussions conducted at ZCOMS had a diverse participant lineup and included prominent local and foreign speakers; Anjum Rajabali (celebrated Indian script/screenplay writer), Nandita Das (Indian actor/director/ producer), Harsh Narayan (Indian filmmaker), Sajal Aly, Adnan Sarwar, Sana Tauseef, Atiqa Odho, S. Rajamouli (director of Baahubali), Vinay Pathak (acclaimed Indian actor), Kamran Jawaid, Sultana Siddiqui, Asim Raza, Amin Farooqui, Tahir Moosa, Zeenat Lakhani and Saket Chawdhari (writer and director of Hindi Medium), Haseena Moin, Jami, Subhash Kapoor (prominent Indian producer, screenplay writer and director), Vishal Bhardwaj (Indian filmmaker), Hareem Farooq, Rekha Bhardwaj (Indian playback singer), and others.

ZCOMS has always been proud in being a part of such progressive events where Pakistan can be promoted in whatsoever manner. Therefore, ZCOMS feels honored to host the leading film festival, Pakistan Film Festival’s very first edition and will be glad to continue being a part of such initiatives in the coming years.

70 Years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges

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Optimum level of education key factor for economic growth: Dr. S. Jaffar Ahmed

Ziauddin University holds lecture series on ’70 Years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges’


Karachi – April 11, 2018: “If military is a good solution than why it fails to retain on permanent basis, the only reason is that it is not trained for politics or for solving political problems”, Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed, Former Director, Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi said this while giving lecture on “70 years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges” to the lecture series organized by Ziauddin University.


During the lecture, Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed stated that 1947 migration tends to be the biggest in the history where around 12 million people crossed the border. This country started working without any proper government system, constitution and undoubtedly lack of resources at its initial stage.


In such kind of horrendous situation we started our journey. Sense of adoption and ownership was there because of which this country became what it is today. After 23 years of independence we somehow managed to make our constitution and it was the biggest achievement. Now, we can proudly say that Pakistan’s economy is in its growing phase with the inclusion of big industries. Even in rural areas of Pakistan branded products can be witnessed now. Our entire marketing sector is aligned with global economy.


It is important to mention here that during last 35 years population statistics of our country changed gradually which indicates that around 60 % of youngsters are below 30 years of age and we immensely have scarcity of basic facilities for them including better education, job opportunities, energy and water resources etc, Dr Syed Jaffar added.


He further disclosed that, we have approximately 180 universities in our country in which we have large number of female students. Karachi University has 72% girls, Gujrat University has 73% girls, and university of Sargodha has 74% female students. We can clearly see how big achievement is this for our female students. It tells about the mental growth of our people. Parents now prefer to invest on their children’s education first than they think about their property and other issues.


Talking about challenges which we are facing Dr. Jaffar said that the unbalanced growth in education sector since 1990s to 2014 specifies that 400 universities were formed and on the other hand only 130 schools were established during the same tenure.


Schools reflects colleges and colleges reflects universities so we have to work on our schools  first. Unluckily we have 6 to 7 streams of education including English medium, Urdu medium, A/O Levels, cadet colleges and religious schools like madrasah system and this streamline system is the major distraction or failure for any civilized society. It is disheartening that our government is reluctant to spend more than 2% in education sector; whereas, it is the need of the hour to spend 4 % at least for the development of our country.


Dr S. Jaffar further stated that democracy provides mechanism to address issues and provide solutions to the people in the most organized way. We have certain mechanism in constitutions we need to set our constitutions .We need to check our constitutional institute I hope we will find our solutions through democratic ways.


Amir Shahzad

Senior Manager, PR & Communications

Ziauddin University

St-4/B, Block-6, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan.

Contact: (+92-345) 2382399

Spring Fest’18

Ziauddin College of Media Sciences, ZCOMS organized its first edition of Spring Fest this year on 29th March, 2018 at its Clifton Campus. The festival attracted on campus students, and students from various other universities across Karachi to be a part of the fun gala organized. The festival was organized by Ziauddin Media Society that made sure the event is a success. ZCOMS witness a footfall of a huge crowd like never before.

The Spring Fest had variety of stalls which covered pretty much everything, ranging from great food to greater clothing exhibits. A reputable host was invited to create enthusiasm among crowd who danced to the beats of the music and enjoyed to their fullest. Animal photo shoots were trending throughout Spring Fest where students clicked pictures with Python and Macau. We also had ZU Atlas team on ground; they interviewed President of Ziauddin Media Society and other people and congratulated the Society on a fun filled day.

Media Ethics & Laws in Pakistan and its Implementation

We had among us khurram Qadeer, Associate Director Corporate Affairs GEO Network a phenomenal speaker who enlightened the students on the ethics that should be observed being a media professional. He shared many examples that are being practiced by media conglomerates which kept audience engaged during the session.

Fundraiser During World Autism Week

Ziauddin College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences organised a fundraiser during World Autism Awareness Week. The College is actively involved in CSR activities and facilitates needy patients through generated funds.

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Seminar on Eliminating Harassment in the Workplace

“Every woman has a story behind her, some have courage to tell it to the world, and some are not confident enough to share with their family even. 85% female witnesses harassment of different kind on routine basis at various public places throughout the city, most importantly during traveling via public transport. It is known to all that we have full-fledge procedure of law with a view to file complain against cases pertaining to harassment but women usually feel frightened to report cases of such nature which certainly becomes a taboo in our society, said Prof. Dr. Khalida Ghaus, Managing Director, Social Policy and Develop Centre (SPDC). She was addressing to the interactive seminar on the topic “The protections against harassment of women at workplace”, organized by Ziauddin University.


The objective of this event was to create an in-depth awareness in the society regarding harassment faced by the females in our society and making all effective measures to nip this evil of harassment in the bud from all the facades of our society.


Dr Ghaus further stated that we need to provide knowledge related to the actual mean of harassment; we need to exaggerate the level of self-belief, optimism and confidence in woman to communicate with men pragmatically and boldly. The burden of self-esteem, respect and dignity that a woman is carrying on her shoulder is the main reason that she fails to confess how she is being exploited. Collectively we need to work on this we should break stereotypes; we should give them strength to raise their voices.


Famous model and actress Sarwat Gillani provoked women to speak louder; she said nobody is going to speak for us it’s our responsibility to speak for ourselves. We should stop harasser at first place. We should learn to say NO. We have this law for the last 8 years but unfortunately many of us don’t know about this law, we should aware public about this law as much as we can.


Social activists Advocate Zia Ahmed Awan said that in our society discrimination starts even before the child is born. Large number of cases for harassment that I have received is mostly of maids. While addressing to the audience he said “you are not a good person if you are not helping others.  Let’s work together, let’s think about voiceless people.”


Psychologist Dr Atia Naqvi motivated women by saying that “You  have to  hold your heads  high, you have to  make yourself strong , trust your judgment  don’t hide your feelings  if you are not comfortable with anyone say it louder, learn to treat yourself with respect, otherwise it would be difficult for you survive in this society”.


Prof. Dr. Sirajuddaula Syed, Senior Pathologist, talking to the audience said that we are living in a society where females are handicapped and can’t speak for their rights. We as a society should teach them about their basic rights.


Earlier, Vice Chancellor Ziauddin University, Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui in his welcome address said that we have male dominating society and we need to understand and ensure maximum protection to women. It is surely believed that confidence is the only weapon to eliminate harassment.

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Ziauddin University organizes An Awareness Session on Hepatitis B and C on March 07, 2018

Time and again Welfare AID has proved it works towards issues that really matters: patient health care. Today was no different. With the support of Dept. Of student affairs ZU
Welfare AID in collaboration with The Health Foundation (THF) held an awareness session on Hepatitis B and C on Wednesday, the 7th of March 2018 in the Abul Hassan Jaffery Auditorium. Dr Laila Rizvi, currently the Executive Director of THF, previously worked in UNICEF( United Nations Children’s Fund) from 2002-2013 where one of her projects involved the the eradication of polio from Pakistan. Dr Laila Rizvi delivered her speech to a packed crowd which included the Dean, the Principal of Ziauddin Medical College, the faculty and the general student body. She addressed issues such as the spread, prevention and treatment of Hepatitis B and C and what we as health professionals can do to help.
We hope through this talk, both Welfare AID and THF have been successful in addressing some of the real issues that plague are nation today and are one step closer to a Hepatitis free Pakistan.

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