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Profile of the Vice-Chancellor Ziauddin University

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Inayatullah Khan, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of Ziauddin University in Karachi, brings a wealth of experience and an outstanding track record in both academic and administrative roles. Dr. Khan, who previously served as the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Engineering & Technology Taxila and as the founding Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chakwal, is renowned for his transformative leadership in higher education.

With over 20 years of administrative experience, Dr. Khan has held significant positions such as Vice-Chancellor, Dean, Head of various Academic Departments, and Registrar. He has also been a member of various prestigious bodies, including the Pakistan Engineering Council, as well as statutory bodies like the Senate and the Syndicate of various universities across Pakistan.

Dr. Khan’s academic journey is equally impressive. Holding a Doctorate Degree from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University, USA, he has over 25 years of teaching experience, shaping the minds of students. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Khan’s tenure in higher education has been marked by numerous honours and awards reflecting his dedication and expertise. He has a distinguished academic career full of notable honours and awards. His accolades include prestigious engineering excellence awards from notable Pakistani engineering bodies, recognition for his educational achievements by the Honourable President of Pakistan, and multiple gold medals for academic excellence.

These achievements highlight his expertise and dedication to the field of higher education and research, underscoring his vision to drive Ziauddin University towards innovation and academic distinction.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

I am truly honored to serve as the Vice-Chancellor of Ziauddin University. As I step into the role of Vice-Chancellor at Ziauddin University, I am deeply honored and excited to contribute to this vibrant academic community. My journey in academia and administration has always been driven by a passion for innovation in education and a commitment to excellence.

At Ziauddin University, my vision is to nurture an environment that fosters intellectual growth, research excellence, and a holistic educational experience. We are poised to embark on a journey of transformative change, embracing modern educational practices while upholding our rich heritage and values.

As we move forward, my goal is to position Ziauddin University at the forefront of higher education in Pakistan and globally. We will focus on developing cutting-edge research initiatives, promoting a culture of learning that embraces diversity and inclusivity, and nurturing our students to become leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

I look forward to working with all of you—our esteemed faculty, dedicated officers and staff, and brilliant students—to reach new heights of academic and research excellence.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Inayatullah Khan


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