Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find admission information about Ziauddin University programmes and how to apply?

Ans. You may click here for admission and programme details

Q. How to contact the admissions office?

Ans. Please call +92 21 35862937-9 Ext 2570, 2581 or direct call +92 21 335833674 or email at [email protected]

Q. If more than one choice is made in my application form, do I have to pay the fee according to the number of programmes that I choose?

Ans. You will pay the fee for only one programme but the highest programme fee will apply.

Q. Does the university provide financial assistance or scholarships?

Ans. Financial assistance is provided on a need cum merit basis. A student is eligible to apply for financial assistance after completing 1 year of study in the university. Scholarships are presently not offered.

Q. Does any of the Ziauddin programmes have an age limit?

Ans. Only BScN programme has an age limit of 17 – 35 years. For more details, click here

Q. Is part-time study option available at Ziauddin University?

Ans. Part-time study option is available for all postgraduate and post-RN BScN programmes

Q. Will my application be accepted after the specified deadline?

Ans. No.

Q.What are the required documents a candidate should have at the time of applying?

Ans. At the time of applying the candidate should have the following documents:

SSC marksheet/O Level statement of results

HSSC marksheet/A level statement of results, O & A level equivalence

Candidate’s CNIC (For Pakistani Students) and NICOP/ Passport (For overseas students)

Guardian’s CNIC

Passport size photograph (with white background)

Q. Does the university provide hostel facilities to students who are not from Karachi?

Ans. No, the university does not provide hostel facilities. However, we will facilitate on the students’ request.

Q. Is there any quota for self-finance?

Ans. No, there is no quota for self-finance

Q. I have not given exams for A2/2nd year, can I still apply for a programme?

Ans. You can still apply for a programme if you have given exams before August or during October and November in the year of application.

Q. As an overseas student, are SAT II scores acceptable in lieu of an entrance test?

Ans. SAT II scores are no longer accepted.

Q. Are Ziauddin’s programmes accredited?

Ans. Yes, Ziauddin’s programmes have various accreditations as detailed

Q. Can I apply for more than one programme in the same application?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for upto 3 programmes in the same application.

Q. If I apply for more than one programme, will I have to pay for every programme?

AnsNo, you will only have to pay for one programme, however, the highest amount will apply.

Q. Will Ziauddin University conduct its test on campus this year?

AnsYes, test for this year will be conducted on campus and all necessary precautions will be taken care of by the university. However, if the government notifications state otherwise, the students will be notified accordingly.

Q. Will I still need to write MDCAT test if Ziauddin University is conducting an entrance test?

Ans. If applying for MBBS or BDS, it is mandatory to clear MDCAT along with writing Ziauddin University’s entrance test.

Q. Do overseas candidates applying for MBBS need to apply for SAT I and SAT II?

Ans. No. Based on the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) regulations, MDCAT will be compulsory for all candidates applying for the MBBS and BDS programme. The MDCAT must be written and submitted and have a score to meet minimum eligibility requirements for an application to be considered for final selection. For more information and MDCAT registration visit:

Q. What subjects can an overseas candidate take at standard or secondary level to make them eligible to apply for MBBS or BDS?

AnsAn overseas candidate can opt for Maths in lieu of Physics in addition to Biology and Chemistry.

Q. Students applying for MBBS or BDS from Pakistan and overseas are concerned about provincial admission tests which has now been replaced with MDCAT test. Do such students need to write the MDCAT test?

Ans. Yes, in addition to writing Ziauddin University test, they will be required to submit MDCAT test results. The validity of MDCAT is only in the year that it is written. For the year 2022, the 2022 test will need to be written.

Q. Does Ziauddin University accept student transfers from external universities into similar programmes within Ziauddin University?

Ans. Yes, we do have a transfer policy in all of our programmes depending upon the courses the candidate has taken and look for the grades on their transcripts.