Ziauddin University

Members of Academic Council

1 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Inayatullah Khan Vice-Chancellor In Chair
2 Prof. Dr. Nida Hussain Pro-Chancellor Member
3 Prof. Dr. Anwar Ejaz Beg Advisor to Chancellor Member
4 Prof. Dr. Abbas Zafar Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Member
5 Engr. Dr. Fahad Azim Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Science, Technology & Management Member
6 Prof. Dr. Nudrat Fatima Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
7 Dr. Pamela Marshall Dean, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery Member
8 Dr. Shehla Najib Sidiki Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Member
9 Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi Dean, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Member
10 Prof. Dr. Sumaira Farooqui Dean, Faulty of Allied Health Sciences Member
11 Engr.Capt.(Retd) Syed Waqar Hussain Registrar Secretary/ Member
12 Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza Executive Director, Research Member
13 Dr. Shahkamal Hashmi Principal, College of Public Health Member
14 Ms. Amina A. Siddiqui Principal, Ziauddin College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences Member
15 Dr. Wahab Buksh Kadri Principal, Ziauddin College of Dentistry Member
16 Prof. Dr. Rubina Hakeem HOD Human Nutrition and Dietetic Member
17 Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Umrani Director ORIC Member
18 Mr. Syed Atta Ullah Shah Chief Librarian Member
19 Dr. Amna Amir Khan Associate Professor, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences Member
20 Dr. Noor Muhammad Soomro Prof. Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Member
21 Mr. Muhammad Adnan Fuzail Director QEC Member
22 Dr. Faisal Ali Khan Principal College of Podiatric Medicine Member
23 Dr. Yasmin Amarsi Advisor to Chancellor on Nursing Member
24 Dr. Ali Abbas Mirza Director Student Affairs Member
25 Dr. Tehmina Tabish Assistant Professor and Vice Principal of Ziauddin College of Speech, Language and Therapy By Invitation
26 Dr. Uzma Ghouri Associate Director Academics, (Clinical) Clifton Campus Member
27 Dr. Arif Hussain Assistant Dean, Allied Health Sciences Member
28 Mr. Faizan S. Syed Advisor to the Chancellor on Financial Member
29 Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fawad Associate Director Academics (Clinical) North Nazimabad Member
30 Dr. Fasiha Sohail Khan Associate Director Academics (Clinical), Kaemari Campus Member
31 Dr. Tabiba Tasneem Qureshi Dean, Faculty of Eastern Medicine & Natural Sciences Member
32 Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui Professor Emeritus ZU Member
33 Dr. Nasir Qureshi Chairperson, Department of Architecture & Environment Design Member
34 Dr. Saamia Tariq Acting Chairperson, Civil Engineering Member
35 Dr. Ashar Ekhlaq Ahmed Director, Post Graduate Studies (Clinical) Member
36 Dr. Saad Jawaid Khan Chairperson, BioMedical Engineering Member
37 Dr. Masood Hameed Khan Advisor to the Chancellor Member
38 Ms. Shaaista Sarki Dean Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance Member
39 Prof. Dr. Khursheed Hashmi Principal, College of Natural Sciences Member
40 Prof. Dr. Ejaz Mohiuddin Principal, College of Eastern Medicine Member
41 Prof. Dr. Nuzhat Hassan Acting Principal, Ziauddin Medical College Member
42 Ms. Rana Hussain Principal, Ziauddin College of Education Member
43 Mr. Muizz Alam Khan Controller of Examinations Member
44 Dr. Iram Khursheed Director, Directorate of Educational Development Member
45 Prof. Dr. Munaf Rashid Chairperson, Computer Science and Software Engineering Member
46 Dr. Humaira Rashid Acting Principal, Ziauddin College of Medical Technology Member
47 Dr. Yousuf Irfan Zia Chairperson, Department of Electrical Engineering Member
48 Dr. Saifullah Chaiperson, Department of Management Technology & Information Sciences Member