Ziauddin University

Clinical Research Committee

The Clinical Research Committee was formed on the instructions of the Academic Council of Ziauddin University.

All research projects involving human subjects, whether as individuals or communities, including the use of foetal material, embryos and tissues from the recently dead, undertaken or supported by Ziauddin University faculty, staff or students, wherever conducted, will be first reviewed by clinical research committee. CRC approval is mandatory before submission to Ethical review committee ERC.

How Does CRC Work?

Principal investigator / MD MS candidate after discussing their research proposal with supervisor will have to submit following documents at secretary CRC, PG office:

  • Supervisor letter
  • Filled CRC form
  • Research proposal (with proforma)
  • Consent form

These documents will be sent to two reviewers for review and all members of CRC. CRC meets on first Wednesday of every month. If research proposal is approved a letter of approval is issued by CRC secretary as a hard copy to principal investigator. CRC approval is mandatory before submission to ERC.

A research proposal must state the purpose of the research; the reasons for using humans as subjects; budget; the nature and degree of all known risks to the subjects; and the means for ensuring that the subjects’ consent will be adequately informed and voluntary.

Process of Submission

  • Research projects should be submitted to CRC for scientific evaluation.
  • Since June 2014, it is mandatory to get approval from CRC and then ERC before starting study.
  • Principal investigator, MD/MS candidates should have biostatistics review before submission.
  • All research protocols need to be submitted to secretary CRC before 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • Proposal submitted after last date will not be entertained in next upcoming CRC meeting.
  • CRC meeting will be held on every 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • One hard copy of Research proposal, CRC form, consent form, supervisor letter and biostatistics review should be submitted at the office of secretary CRC. Proposal will not be reviewed if incomplete documents are provided.
  • Research proposal, supervisor letter, CRC form and consent form should be also emailed at the address mentioned below.
  • Research proposal should have supervisor letter that it is reviewed by supervisor and fulfill the requirement of research methodology, meet the statistical requirement and in line with the regulations regarding ethical consideration of research of human subjects.
  • Research proposal / synopsis will be reviewed by two members of CRC
  • CRC will require at least six weeks to review the projects.
  • Research proposals should be sent to [email protected]
  • Click for downloading CRC form
  • Sample Consent form is available online on ERC link.
  • Click for downloading sample supervisor covering letter
  • Consent forms written in English and Urdu should be submitted.


Dr. Zila Rubab Chairperson CRC
Dr. Tayyaba Secretary, CRC
Dr. Abbas Zafar Dean FHS
Dr. Talat Mirza Executive Director Research
Dr. Ejaz Vohra Medicine
Dr. Ahmed Fawad Urology
Dr. Mervyn Hussain Dentistry
Dr. Bushra Waseem Surgery
Dr. Fouzia Shaikh Pathology
Dr. Farah Ahmed CHS
Dr. Hasan Danish CHS
Dr. Fasiha Sohail Medicine
Dr. Habiba Sharaf Obstetrics & Gynae
Dr. Zulfiqar Umrani Director ORIC
Dr. Inayat Ali Khan Emergency Medicine
Dr. Shua Nasir Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tahmeena Tabish Speech Language Therapist
Dr. Owais Ismail Pharmacology
Dr Haris Surgery
Dr Nadeem Baloch Orthopaedics