Faculty of Health Sciences

Introduction About Faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences at Ziauddin University is a recognised establishment known as one of the best institutes of health sciences in Pakistan. The purpose of the faculty is to lead an evolution in the discipline of applied science that deals with studying and researching on aspects that improve health conditions of humans. The knowledge gained at this faculty of sciences is furthermore, utilised to cure life-threatening diseases.

Studying health sciences is essential since with time, human health continues to deteriorate as it faces challenges such as global warming, pollution, pandemics, accidents, and diseases that make it impossible for the human body to function at its true potential. The aim of the healthcare sector at this point, is to devise strategies, create cures, and provide successful treatments that can nourish one’s health. Excelling in studying healthcare allows one to make a global impact and improve the quality of life of billions of people across the world. This is the kind of exceptional training that is provided at the Ziauddin University, Faculty of Health Sciences,

Being one of the top universities in Karachi, Ziauddin University places great emphasis in strengthening the healthcare sector by introducing teaching methods that encourage critical thinking, a problem-solving attitude, and the ability to be leaders in each field of study.

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the prestigious university includes, Ziauddin Medical College, College of Dentistry, College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Medical Technology, and the College of Podiatric Medicine. The programmes and degrees offered by the aforementioned colleges include MBBS, MPhil, PhD, as well as numerous diploma courses that can train students to master their area of interest.

Career opportunities in the field of health sciences range from clinical work, research and development, technicians, doctors, as well as positions in healthcare administration and management.