Ethics Review Committee


According to international guidelines, all research projects need an independent review by ethics review committees in institutions. The aim of ERC at Ziauddin University is to review research projects regularly and facilitate research.

All research projects involving human subjects, whether as individuals or communities, including the use of fetal material, embryos and tissues from the recently dead, undertaken or supported by Ziauddin University faculty, staff or students, wherever conducted, shall be reviewed by ERC. Before a study can begin ERC will consider ethical issues related to research and will also evaluate scientific content when needed through consultation with subject experts.


ERC is constituted of a range of members from Ziauddin University and outside. It includes physicians and people from various other walks of life.

The secretary ERC after receiving research protocols sends these along with the filled ERC forms to all members. Two members are assigned the responsibility of formal review and recommendations.

ERC meeting conducted on every second Wednesday of the month. Reviewers present their observations and recommendations on received research protocols.

After due deliberation, the committee arrives at decisions that are conveyed through email to the investigator. If the research proposal is approved, a letter of approval is issued by ERC secretary as a hard copy to the Principal investigator.

  • Research projects should be submitted to RAC for scientific evaluation.
  • Since September 2012 it is mandatory to submit the letter from RAC for all research protocols that require approval from ERC.
  • All research protocols need to be submitted to secretary ERC before last Wednesday of the month.
  • ERC will require six weeks to review the projects.
  • Research proposals should be sent to [email protected]
  • ERC form is available online. It can be downloaded and filled by the investigator.
  • Sample Consent form is available online.
  • Consent forms written in English and Urdu should be submitted.
  • A research proposal must state the purpose of the research; the reasons for using humans as subjects; budget; the nature and degree of all known risks to the subjects; and the means for ensuring that the subjects’ consent will be adequately informed and voluntary.
  • Research proposal, ERC form and consent form should be emailed to the address mentioned above.
  • A brief CV of Principal investigator along with previous research (if any) and areas of interest should also be emailed.
  • One hard copy of ERC form, consent form, CV of Principal investigator and research proposal should be submitted to the office of secretary ERC.