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Guest speaker by Ziauddin University to speak on, “Research Ethics and Islam”.

Dr. Saeed Akhtar was invited as a guest speaker by Ziauddin University to speak on, “Research Ethics and Islam”.  During his lecture, he said, “Research is the backbone for any new creation, be it a new vaccine or the creation of spacecraft. Our nation has become a consumer society, putting the entire responsibility of creative thinking (from exploring new frontiers to designing new surgical equipment) on the west. Universities all over the world are meant to generate and create new knowledge but our current role is now limited to disseminating knowledge only. We need to understand if Islam is a progressive or a regressive religion. What is our responsibility as Muslim scientists, contemporary physicians, and as a nation on the whole?”
With over 15 years of experience in establishing hospitals and social services, he further explained how his research at Yale and Harvard paved the way for medical research. In conclusion, he reiterated that the provision of ‘clean data’, sound research ethics, transparency of methodology, and automated data entry can help organizations secure international funding.