9th March 2023

Spring Fest 23
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8th Feb 2023


The College of Media Sciences, Ziauddin University celebrates the creativity of the students at the Art Fest! We witnessed some of the most amazing art projects and screenings that brought the magic of the big screen to life.

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21st Jan 2023


The Ziauddin University Department of Student Affairs arranged a Qawali Night titled “Sham-e-Suroor” on Saturday, January 21st, 2023, for all the colleges of the university. The event was held before the start of the busy new semester and the arrival of a new batch of students.

Majid Ali Sabri, a well-known figure in Karachi, led the Qawali performance and captivated everyone with the soulful essence of his songs. The event turned out to be one of the most memorable and cherished experiences for both the university and its students

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27th Jan 2023

AKU Football Tournament

Ziauddin University’s Sports Division participated in the 18th AKU Football Tournament, organized by Aga Khan University, held from 20th to 27th January 2023. The team from Ziauddin University secured 1st place after playing the final match against Sir Syed University, with a score of 2-0. Some of the other participating teams were from IBA, IOBM, Hamdard, BBSUL, SSUET, SZABIST, and Aga Khan University.

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4th Dec 2022

Charna Island

The Office of Student Affairs-Ziauddin University in collaboration with Drivers Reef Karachi organized a trip to Charna Island, on Sunday, December 4th, 2022.

28 Nov 2022

HEC ZONE L Championship

Despite facing tough competition, the ZU football team persevered and reached the finals of the HEC ZONE L championship. Although we lost against Team Karachi University but it was a great fight with a high sportsman spirit. Great job, boys!

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November 18th, 2022

Movie Night: The Curtain Call 22

The Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Student Council of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences Ziauddin University arranged a Movie Night: The Curtain Call 22 on Friday, November 18th, 2022. The ambiance was created as per the theme; a mini haunted house was built with miniature creepy stuff all around the lobby to petrify the crowd. It was the perfect way to end the holidays and start fresh for the new semester.

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November 15th, 2022

The Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Student Council of Medical Technology organized the annual picnic event, ‘The Beach Bash 3.0’ for the students of College of Medical Technology at Turtle Beach. Here is a glimpse of the event that included a live concert by Vasl – the band, delicious food and snacks.  The event served as a refreshing break, making memories along the sea shore!

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14th & 15th November 2022


The Office of Student Affairs (sports division) organized the ZU BOYS AND GIRLS BADMINTON TOURNAMENT on 14th & 15th November 2022 AT Sindh sports board.

We congratulate Mr. Ahil Ridhani and Ms. Mariyum Hayat for winning the tournament. The students showed their talent over the course of two days and made memories that will last a lifetime! Here is the glimpse of the event.

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14th October 2022

Movie Night for the Ziauddin Dental College

The Office of Student Affairs and Student Council BDS arranged a Movie Night for the Ziauddin Dental College on 14th October 2022. It was a fun filled event with movie, music and lots of food options.

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10th, 11th and 12th of September 2022

Annual Sports Buzz

The Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with Student Council of Medical Technology conducted the annual Sports Buzz event for the students of Ziauddin University College of Medical Technology on 10th, 11th and 12th of September 2022.

 In an event filled with various sports activities, the students showed their talent over the course of three days and made memories that will last a lifetime!

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7th September 2022


The annual Bake Sale conducted by Welfare AID with support of the Office of Student Affairs of Ziauddin University was held on the 7th of September!

The event was a sweeping success with 20 vendors selling their wares from 9:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon!

Students and faculty alike swarmed in and out of the scene in droves to either snack on the shawarmas and noodles, to then throw sponges and paint on their friends, to then finally ride the wild pirate ship.

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3rd September 2022


The ZU Beach Party’22 named “Peechay Hutt” was organized by the Office of student affairs in collaboration with ZU MBBS Student Council. The beach party took place on Saturday, 3rd September, 2022, at Turtle Beach. The students from year 1 – 5 of MBBS come together to have fun.

The hype for the beach party had been created by advertising colorful posters with exciting captions on Facebook pages and batch WhatsApp groups. Buses with armed guards were waiting to take the excited lunch of students to the venue.

The students gathered at the ZU Clifton campus at 8am on the day of the event. The council members registered the students and carried out a security check as well.

The students arrived at the beach hut in about 40 to 50 minutes. The name of the hut was “Huttastic” and the theme was “Tropical Hawaiian”. Arrangements were at per according to the theme. A stage along with speakers and a music set-up with a DJ was arranged. Stalls for food and refreshments were also set-up. All these arrangements were done and were taken care by a few members of the council who reached the hut early in the morning.

After the students arrived, the DJ started playing energizing music. Everyone started clicking pictures and enjoyed the beautiful weather and beach vibes. Students also enjoyed in the shallow area of the sea. 3 life-guards along with a few ZU security guards were present as well to look after the students and ensure everyone was safe. Running items like limca and water were also available.

After sometime, the lunch buffet was served. Items like French fries in starters, biryani, chicken chowmein, Turkish kebabs, chickpea gravy, and parathas for main course, along with soft-drinks, and lastly, ice-cream for dessert were present in the menu. Everyone enjoyed the food which was quite tasty and scrumptious.

After lunch, the students gathered at the dance floor and started dancing their hearts out. This was followed by a Rang party which was quite fun and eventful.

Finally, at around 4:30, everyone started winding up and proceeded towards the buses. Attendance was called out again in the bus to make sure that no one was left behind. The buses then left for ZU Clifton campus.

The students arrived at the campus at around 5:30pm and were free to go home.

The beach party was a successful event carried out by the ZU MBBS Student Council. All arrangements were made smoothly. The students truly enjoyed themselves. It was a refreshing event for students, allowing them to escape their hectic schedules and relax and enjoy with their friends.

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27th August to 29th August 2022


To revitalize everyone from ongoing studies and exams, ZCRS Student Council arranged a 3-day Sports Fest, from 27th August to 29th August 2022, across all three campuses.  Teams from all three campuses participated enthusiastically.

Numerous recreational and athletic activities were arranged, through all three days.

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21st August 2022


The Plantation Drive at the Clifton Urban Forest, Karachi, was organized by the Office of student affairs in collaboration with the Student Council MBBS on Sunday, 21st August 2022. The aim of this event was to contribute towards the environment combating global warning.

Google registration forms for this event were posted on the MBBS batch WhatsApp groups and students signed up for it. Donations were also collected by the members of Student Council from those who wanted to contribute.

All the volunteers met at the Ziauddin University Clifton Campus at 4pm on the day of the event and then they went to the Urban Forest plantation site. There was a guide present at the location who explained everything about the site, their work environment, natural habitat, and culture to the volunteers. The guide informed the volunteers that this place was known to be the ‘largest urban plantation site’ in Pakistan.

The volunteers were there for 2 hours. The guide started by giving a speech about the forest and then took the volunteers to visit and explore the entire plantation site. He showed them different things in nature such as different plants like basal and water lilies, different animals and birds like hen goats, dogs, etc. and explained them the concept of forest pathing.

After giving them a detailed and informative tour, the guide took the volunteers to the actual plantation site where they had to plant the seedlings. Each individual had to plant 6 saplings. The holes were already dug and prepared for the volunteers to plant the saplings. The volunteers used water cans and shovels to help them plant properly. Care had to be taken to ensure that the holes were filled with good, nutritious soil, and that the saplings were planted erect. After planting, the volunteers watered the plants as well. They also saw a water reservoir which was very pretty and enhanced the beauty of the site.

After the plantation was done, the volunteers sat near the sea to relax. A traditional man also came there and played traditional music to entertain them. Tea was also offered to the volunteers.

All the students had a great time volunteering at the plantation drive, especially as the guide was very knowledgeable and passionate for the site. It would be very beneficial for the students if similar events also take place in the future.

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19th August 2022


Office of Student affairs – Ziauddin University arranged the Oath Taking Ceremony for the ZCRS Student Council’22-23.

The ceremony took place on August 19th, 2022. Friday, at Abul Hasan Jafarey Auditorium, Ziauddin University, Clifton.

The aim of this activity is to inculcate the professional attitude in the students who are selected for the council positions. The council members take oath, from the council, that they will stay loyal and dedicated towards the council and it’s responsibilities, that they will always strive for making every step the best that they can. And that they will prosper towards being a team that students can trust.

Ceremony started with the Student Council Procession entering the auditorium and a speech from Dr. Almas, the Director of the Office of Student Affairs, addressing the establishment of Student Council ZCRS, importance of its impact and congratulating the new council select.

After completing her speech, Dr. Almas, took an oath from The President. The Presidential oath was taken by Zainab Fatima. President for the ZCRS Student Council’22-23.

After her oath, the President gave a speech full of motivation and enthusiasm. Addressing her Student Council and The Student Body.

Her speech ended with, the Oath Taking from rest of the council. Followed up by the speeches from the Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer.

The event also served as an official introduction of student council to student body.

Honourable guests, Assistant Professor Ms Batool, faculty advisor her speech was followed by speeches from all three Mr. Meer Bilawal, Ms Fariha and Mr Faisal congratulated the council and their confidence on them that the ZCRS council will perform their best.

After the formal oath taking, prize distribution for Sports Week’21 took place.

All the winners and runners up were awarded with their well deserved trophies and shields.

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14th August 2022


The Sports Division – Office of student affairs arranged a soccer championship to make the 75th Independence Day. The teams from across the ZU participated in the event. ZMC registered 2 teams MBBS A &MBBS B rest were from ZCOMS, ZCMT, ZUFESTM, ZDC and ZCRS. All the players exhibited excellent game and sportsmen spirit. The final was played betweenMBBS A & ZCMT and the winner were MBBS A. the winners and runnerup were awarded the trophies respectively.

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14th August 2022


The 75th Independence Day celebrations were held with zeal and enthusiasm at the ZUFONAM, ZCMT, ZCRS and ZCSLHS. National songs competition, short speeches were held ans cake cutting was held with the prayers that soon Pakistan may regain her economic and political stability.

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19th July 2022


The importance of sports and fitness cannot be ignored.the sports devision – Office of student affairs keep students engage in different events at all times during the year. The intercollegiate basketball championship was held on 19th July 2022 at the ZU Basketball court. The boys exhibited exceptional game and the final trophy was begged by the team MBBS A and the runners up were team ZUFESTM.

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30th June 2022


Intercollegiate Throwball Championship was held on June 30 2022 at the Family Park, Ziauddin University. Teams from Ziauddin Medical College and Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences registered for the tournament. The final was played between Ziauddin Medical College and Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences with team Ziauddin Medical College winning the trophy.

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25th June 2022


The child nutrition camp took place on Saturday, June 25 2022 between 10 am-2 pm with the aim to educate mothers of children (aged 6 months to 5 years) about how to best deal with common illnesses their children may have. The topics chosen for this camp were diarrhea and dehydration, two very common ailments in children of this age group. The camp was held at Sikanderabad and was organised by the Ziauddin University Student Council CCA wing. 25-30 MBBS students were recruited for this camp. Volunteer sign-up forms were posted in the batch WhatsApp groups. They were then divided into 2 groups, presenters (who would be giving the presentations on the day), and designers (who would make the posters to complement the presentations). Volunteers were allowed to choose the group they would like to be in. Each presenter was then paired with a designer and the pair was given a topic to work on. They were given guidelines about the type of content to include. All volunteers received certificates at the end.

A pre-workshop session was also held on Friday, June 24, 2022. These were held to prepare the volunteers for the camp day, to explain the code of conduct and to hear the presentations of the volunteers who will be involved in the awareness campaign. Dr. Russel Seth Martins, Research Associate at Aga Khan University and Ms. Sajida Parveen, a fourth-year medical student at Aga Khan University were present to guide the volunteers. They have been affiliated with many awareness camps and shared invaluable input with the volunteers. On this day, we also prepared care packages containing ORS sachets, Lysovit Syrup, and Calcium tablets with a small note on eating healthy.

The costs for this camp were budgeted out of the Council’s own profit. Posters were circulated within batch groups. The Council marketing team handled the photography of the event while the PHC coordinator informed the locals.

The reporting time for the camp on Saturday was 9 am. All volunteers assembled and headed on foot to Sikanderabad. Volunteers were told to ask the present mothers at the clinic a few questions in order to gauge their awareness of the topics before and after the camp. We then proceeded with a talk by Dr. Shahzaib M. Khan (M.D, USA), a Ziauddin University alumnus, who currently works as a Pediatric Consultant at Dr. Ziauddin hospital, Clifton. The talk was given in Urdu, and translated into Pashto by two of our volunteers. Dr. Shahzeb explained the topics in detail to the local mothers who listened attentively whilst our volunteers took care of their children. He also spoke about age-appropriate nutrition in children and answered all their questions. After this, the volunteers addressed small groups of the mothers and reiterated the information Dr. Shahzeb provided in his talks. They then distributed the care packages to the mothers and clearly explained the dosages and uses for the contents of the packages.

The volunteers ensured that the mothers left with all their queries answered and asked them if they would like the team to return. They were met with a positive response from the mothers and an eagerness for the team to return with more information. This was a brilliant attempt by the CCA wing under the umbrella of the Ziauddin Medical College Student Council and the Office of Student Affairs. It was a great experience for all the volunteers and the participants.

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23rd June 2022


The blood drive by Welfare Aid in collaboration with Dr. Ziauddin Hospital took place on June 23, 2022.

The facility provided by Dr. Ziauddin Hospital was well-equipped. The turnover of blood donors made this a successful event. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital provided skilled technicians who handled everything in an efficient manner.

There were more than 70 people who came to donate blood but around 40+ were allowed to donate. The students, staff and faculty showed a keen interest in donating blood

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20th June 2022


Student Council of Ziauddin College of Medical Technology in collaboration with Ziauddin Community Service Society organised the “Wall of Kindness” project. The purpose of this project is  to kindle the flame of social welfare and community service amongst the students of Medical Technology. The project began on Monday, June 20, 2022 and continued till Friday, June 24, 2022. Members of the Student Council decorated the “Wall of Kindness” with several beautiful handmade posters and artwork which made the wall very attractive for all the viewers. The donations were accepted in the form of tangible and usable goods in reasonable condition. Students were requested to bring anything that could be used by the underprivileged. This project was thoroughly appreciated by the respectable Vice-Chancellor who visited the “Wall of Kindness”. The Office of Registrar and the Head of ORIC also appreciated the project.

The Students of Medical Technology had an overwhelming response and appreciation towards this project and everyone donated generously. Throughout the week, several clothes, shoes, books, bags, toys, cutlery, jewelry, sports equipment and edible snacks were collected and placed on the wall. All the collections will prove to be beneficial for the residents of the Edhi Foundation’s Orphanage and Old Age Homes. The donations were made at the Head Office of Edhi Foundation located in Clifton. The snacks were distributed among the children of the orphanage. These projects inculcate the spirit of charity and humanity in the young generation encouraging them to share whatever little they have with the underprivileged.

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ZU Azadi Sports Gala 2023
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ZU Boys Inter-Departmental Futsal Champions League 2023
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ZU Boys & Girls Inter-Departmental Throwball Championship 2023
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ZU Boys & Girls Inter Departmental Volleyball Championship 8th July 2023
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ZU Clifton Campus
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5th July 2023
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ZU Link Road Campus
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25th September 2023Boys BasketballZU Inter Department Boys Basketball Championship

ZU Clifton Campus
ZCRS, MBBS, Nursing, Animal Science

16th – 20th October 2023
Boys CricketZU Inter Department Boys Cricket ChampionshipUBL Sports ComplexNursing, Animal Science, MBBS, Speech Language,
FLAHS, Zcoms
19th -20th November 2023All Sports

ZU Mega Sports Gala 2023

ZU Clifton Campus
Nursing, Animal Science, MBBS, Speech Language,
FLAHS, Zcoms
2nd December 2023Boys & Girls Athletics
ZU Inter Department Foosball Championship

ZU Clifton Campus
Nursing, Animal Science, MBBS, Speech Language,
FLAHS, Zcoms
4th – 15th DecemberBoys Hardball Cricket5th Law Student Cricket League Trials & Practice Matches for Faculty of LawUBL Cricket Ground/ Nadi al Burhani Cricket GroundOnly for Law Department
28th - 29st December 2023Law Hardball Cricket League5th Law Student Cricket League Organized by Justice Helpline
Neutral Venue
Only for Law Department