Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance

Over the course of 20 years, Ziauddin University has earned the place of being one of the leading institutions of Karachi. This status has been earned due to the administration’s constant effort to introduce new programmes and faculties. To broaden its academic horizon, Ziauddin University introduces the Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance.

Within a few years, the ZU Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance has emerged to be amongst the best law universities in Karachi. Recognised as a school of law that places great emphasis on academia, professionalism, and ethics, the faculty aspires to produce graduates that possess the potential to bring a positive change to the legal climate of Pakistan. Under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Shaaista Sarki, the faculty of Law, Politics and Governance. earned the place of becoming one of the top-notch LL.B(Hons), universities in Karachi by instilling expert legal reasoning in its students.

Furthermore, the Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance also places great emphasis on practical experiences rather than solely academic knowledge. Therefore, the faculty pushes the students to partake in numerous legal projects throughout their time at the university. This is achieved by providing students with the opportunity to assist experienced lawyers and researches in legal projects. 

The aim of the university is not simply to build an accomplished lawyer, but also to produce an individual who understands the responsibility a lawyer has towards the society. At the Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance, you will emerge as an individual who possesses empathy, critical thinking, strong reasoning and analytical skills, prestige, awareness of rights and responsibilities, and the power to make a difference through law. If you want to pursue your LL.B.(Hons) in Karachi, there is no better place than Ziauddin University. 

The Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics and Governance, is currently offering a five years LL.B (Hons) Degree programme, spreading over ten semesters. The curriculum is in accordance with Federal HEC standards and Pakistan Bar Council.