There was a project on children’s education on the subject of Tropical and Communicable Diseases. In which they went to different hospitals and teach the people about ten common diseases which can be very leading and dangerous for them. They made all the arrangements for the community and made beautiful and useful teaching aids and models for their education that could guide them in their learning process. The children have been visiting Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton and Kemari. In which the managers Komal Sohani and Sheryl Mona warmly welcomed them and provided table chairs and staff for their guidance so that they can teach and learn well. To guide them, Mr. Jonathan was with them every day, telling them what to do and how to teach them what was best for them. Like a good instructor, he would accompany them every time, and wherever they encountered difficulties he helped Them. Hospital area in-charges and managers used to come to see all these teaching people who were very appreciative of the ability of these children. The medical superintendent of the hospital and the rest of the managers came and these students presented their teaching to them and those are coming to Clifton and Kemari. Mangers and In-charges were amazed and happy because these students are coming from the north campus so far to serve the people. They were happy that the Dean of the Faculty of nursing and midwifery (ZUFONAM) college was helping them to prove that they will become good nurses. The response from the children was so good that QEC decided to publish the report further. The very pictorial highlights you see in this report are proof that these children are really doing well in the learning process.