Speaking With Silence!

Taking a step ahead, the students of DPT Final year became the trend setters showing their creativity The social issues of the society were beautifully highlighted through 2 to 3 minutes videos, showing the talents through mannequin challenge and speaking with silence. The assignment was given as a part of social awareness in the coursework of ‘Professional Practices and Teaching Methodology’. The entire class was divided into three groups and a facilitator from the course team provided assistance. The themes were Oppressed, Say No to Bullying and Impact of Social Media to create awareness among the young adults. Students used their DSLR cameras and mobile phones for video recordings.

The videos were played to share the hard work and efforts of the students with their peer and faculty. The Principal, Ms Sumaira appreciated the students on their independent work beginning from rehearsals to making and then editing the video. The enthusiasm of the students was remarkable.