Instructions for Authors

  1. The scientific and ethical responsibility of the manuscripts belongs to the authors and the copyright of the manuscripts belongs to the Journal. Authors are responsible for the contents of the manuscript and accuracy of the references. All manuscripts submitted for publication must be accompanied by the Copyright Transfer Form. Once this form, signed by all the authors and submitted, it is understood that neither the manuscript nor the data it contains have been submitted elsewhere or previously published and authors declare the statement of scientific contributions and responsibilities of all authors.
  2. Corresponding author is required to submit the names of at least two reviewers, one from technically advanced country. Detail contact information of the reviewer should be mentioned.
  3. The manuscript should be formatted in accordance with the guidelines mentioned below and should not exceed 16 A4 pages.
  4. Manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word, size A4 with 2.5 cm margins on all sides, 12 pt Times new Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.
  5. Title Page should include the title of the manuscript, name(s) of the authors and affiliations. Name, address, e-mail and phone number of the corresponding author.
  6. Abstract of the manuscript should be written in English and should contain 100-250 words. References should not be cited in the abstract. Do not use abbreviations in the abstract.
  7. The abstract for original articles, should be structured into the following sub-headings:
  • Objectives: The aim of the study should be clearly stated.
  • Materials and Methods: The study and standard criteria used should be defined; it should also be indicated whether the study is randomized or not, whether it is retrospective or prospective, and the statistical methods applied should be indicated, if applicable.
  • Results:The detailed results of the study should be given and the statistical significance should be indicated.
  • Conclusion:should include the summary of the results of the study, the experimental applicability of the results should be defined, and the favorable and unfavorable aspects should be declared.
  1. Keywords: A list of minimum 3, but no more than 5 key words must follow the abstract.

Original research articles should have the following sections

Introduction: It should consist of a brief explanation of the topic with the objective of the in the end.

Materials and Methods: It should contain a clear plan of study and the statistical methods used. The results of the study should be stated, with tables/figures given in numerical order. The results should be discussed in terms of their favorable and unfavorable aspects and they should be compared with the literature. The conclusion of the study should be highlighted.

Results: The detailed results of this study should be given in tabular or graphic form with statistical significance.

Discussion: The Limitations of the study should be discussed. In addition, an evaluation of the implications of the obtained findings/results for future research should be outlined.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the study should be highlighted.

Acknowledgements: Any technical or financial support or editorial contributions towards the study should appear at the end of the article.

References: Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the references. References should be assembled al­phabetically at the end of the manuscript. In the text, they should be referred by name and year (Harvard system).

Reference Format

Journals: Kuwabara M, Ushiroguchi T, Kihira K, Kuramoto T and Hoshita T (1984). Identification of bile alcohols in urine from healthy humans. J. Lipid Res., 25: 361-368.

Books: Rall TW and Schleifer LS (1985). Drugs effective in the therapy of the epilepsies. In: Gilman AG, Goodman LS, Rall TW, Murad F editors. The pharmacological basis of therapeutics, 7th ed., Macmillan Publishing Co., New York, pp.446-472.

Review Articles

Review articles can report any aspect of clinical or experimental pharmaceutical sciences. However, it must provide critical analyses of current issue or directions of future research. Before sending a review, discussion with the editor is recommended.

Reviews articles analyze topics in depth, independently and objectively. The first chapter should include the title in English, an unstructured summary and key words. Source of all citations should be indicated. The entire text should not exceed 25 pages (A4, formatted as specified above).

Anti-Plagiarism Policy: Manuscripts should not be plagiarized, if plagiarized material is found more than 18% in the manuscripts, the concerned authors are required to modify the submitted manuscript.