Highlights of ZCRS Webinar Series 2020

Across the globe, coronavirus COVID-19 has led to profound changes in social interaction, organizations and livelihood of all human


Across the globe, coronavirus COVID-19 has led to profound changes in social interaction, organizations and livelihood of all human. It has devastated the economy, public health system and social institutes around us. Around 91 per cent of students worldwide – that is 1.6 billion children and young people were unable to attend educational institute. Since learning is an ongoing process thus extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, one common trend in education systems around the world has been to respond to the pandemic with “emergency eLearning” protocols, marking the rapid transition of face-to-face learning to online learning systems.

 Ziauddin University in this difficult time of physical social distancing started a series of webinars to educate people. Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences in collaboration with department of continuing professional education, Ziauddin University did its first webinar on 21st May 2020 on topic of “Staying fit at home during lock down”  conducted by sports and conditioning coach of PCB , Mr. Taimoor Mahmoud. More than 230 participants were actively involved during the live webinar session. Mr. Taimoor Mahmood highlighted the importance of physical activity during lockdown since it boosts the psychosocial health of an individual. The surge demand of pandemic is to maintain the physical and mental health of an individual. Mr. Taimoor demonstrated the workout that can easily be incorporated in homes at a very basic level.

Next webinar “Dry Needling a Horizon in Physical Therapy” conducted by Dr. Syed Abid Mehdi Kazmi on 5th June, 2020. There was discussion followed by a well elaborated practical session of dry needling treatment that how needles are inserted into altered or dysfunctional tissue to improve or restore function along with its indications, contraindications and precautions. Dr. Syed Abid Mehdi Kazmi also explained the purpose of this technique that it is used to reduce pain, improve joint mobility and tissue tension.

The session was overall interactive as queries by participants were being entertained throughout and at the end of the session. The webinar was a great success as the event was more successful with nearly 280 participants as well as foreign participants from different countries.

A webinar was conducted at Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences by Mr. Danish Rasool on 12th August 2020 titled as “Foot and ankle Biomechanics & Therapeutic Taping”. In the webinar discussion was held on foot and ankle injuries being one of the most common injuries encountered by sportsman and healthy individuals around the globe. Understanding of foot biomechanics is vital in assessment and treatment of foot injuries. Especially, hindfoot has been found to play a key role in recurrent ankle sprain. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand these aspects while treating foot and ankle injuries. Sports taping along with exercises and mobilization is a good adjunct for rehabilitation purpose which is being practiced recently were practically discussed in the session.  Importance of therapeutic  taping was highlighted being  helpful in preventing further injury and to regain normal function with less discomfort. Hence, knowledge of biomechanics and use of sports taping is crucial for treating foot and ankle injuries.

Every year September 8th is marked as “World Physiotherapy Day” to encourage the unity and solidarity of the global physical therapy community. Also, to recognize and appreciate the work that physical therapists do for their patients. The theme for World Physical Therapy Day 2020 focused on rehabilitation and COVID-19 something which will be at the forefront of our minds for months and possibly years to come. Taking all the challenges, courageously and skillfully to combat COVID effects and bring in quality life back. The profession has played a unique role. In collaboration with Ziauddin University PR & Communication department, ZCRS conducted a Webinar Titled “Road to Recovery: Physical Therapy in Rehabilitation and Covid19”, the event was hosted by Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan, Vice Principal and Assistant Professor, ZCRS Sukkur. The panel comprised of renowned national and international Physical therapists working in different facilities. Principal ZCRS, Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui says “after the outbreak of Covid19, it has put serious implications as a whole and specially on medical side like Physical therapy, Physical therapists have played important role in rehabilitation of the patients, worked closely to decrease the pulmonary and neurological symptoms of the patients”. She also recognizes and appreciate the work of physiotherapists during critical time of Covid19. While talking about Physical Therapy in COVID 19 Dr. Dabeer Ahmed Khan, Special Secretary Health, Representative Government of Sindh in NCOC said “there was a limited use of telemedicine before COVID but since this pandemic arrived all the OPDs were shut down and we started telemedicine”. Dr. Naheed  Kapadia, Senior Specialist, Dubai Health Authority Latifa Women & Children Hospital said “ Our most patients are maternal and children and dealing with COVID during pregnancy is very difficult because they don’t have any idea how COVID will impact the pregnancy and the baby to be delivered. Dr. Syed Abid Mehdi Clinical Head, Department of Rehabilitation Science Clifton  carried out by saying “We had to reconsider the whole treatment protocol and was physically and emotionally challenging to send PTs to the fields knowing the seriousness of epidemic disease

In the month of May, The Department of Occupational Therapy from Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences arranged a webinar for students and rehab professionals titled ‘Introducing Tele health in fieldwork Experience of students’ on 21st May 2020. Rehab professionals and students around the country attended the webinar from different regions of Pakistan. The informative talk from Ms. Neelum Zehra- HOD of Occupational Therapy and vice president Finance Pakistan occupational therapy association and member of WHO rehab development Program 2030 mesmerized the audience. She discussed how International Tele health practice can be mould in Pakistan’s context extending the care beyond the physical walls of clinics. She also discussed revolutionary ideas to introduce the Tele health course in the fieldwork of students so that they can be in line with the latest health paradigms.

World occupational therapy day 2020 is celebrated globally on October 27, Occupational therapy Department of Ziauddin College of rehabilitation sciences organized a webinar to promote awareness of occupational therapy.Occupational therapist from all over the country in different domains. Ms. Haira Zafar from Lahore emphasize on health of Geriatric population in Pakistan, Ms. Neelum Zehra, founder of acute care occupational therapy from ZCRS shared about reimagine doing in patients with Acute care conditions founder of acute care occupational therapy, Ms. Faiza Tahir is the first therapist in Pakistan who introduce occupational therapy for  Cancer care , Ms. Bakhtawar Saleem from Islamabad discussed Pediatric occupational therapy  and Ms. Fatima Khan emphasize on the role of occupational therapist in Mental health and wellbeing of an individual. The webinar was hosted by Ms. Sobia khan who focused on the theme of reimagine doing in all the domains.

A Webinar on “Manuscript Writing” was held on 27th November, 2020 by Dr. Amna Aamir Khan that was primarily hosted for individuals, who are new to manuscript writing for scientific journals and are looking for fresh insights to craft compelling content appropriately. The structure of each section of the manuscript was discussed which equipped the audience with the skills to publish in top-tier scientific journals. Moreover, the session also focused on the issue that arises with authorship in academic publishing that gauges attendees’ interest. At the end of session, audience’s attention was recaptured through interactive question answering. We were glad to receive such an overwhelming response from the participants.

2020 came to an end by our last webinar, that was held on 31st December 2020. Topic of this webinar was managing the complex therapy patient in the time of COVID-19 and facilitator was Ms. Saima Ali, Assistant Professor, Ziauddin University. The pandemic of COVID 19 has spread across the world and among the various fatal consequences of this disease, Respiratory distress Syndrome is one of the major complications that are causing the high mortality and disease related disabilities in Pakistan. Currently, the researchers of the developed countries are working to establish proper guidelines and protocols that are focused to manage the respiratory distress syndrome. This webinar focused on evidence based physical therapy management guidelines in COVID related complication in acute and chronic stage. Moreover the importance of prone position and rotational therapy as one of the alternative and effective treatment strategy is also highlighted as per international guidelines.

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