Ziauddin University

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


Our future vision consists of starting MPhil and PhD program in this subject. Also, we will be starting FCPS training in near future. This will train the medical professionals to become experts in Collecting evidence, analyzing evidence, communicating with law enforcement and testifying at trials.


The mission of department is focused on training the medical professionals in matters of the laws related to medical practice. To produce researchers to achieve expertise in legal and ethical practice and become active lifelong learners in subject of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.

The department is actively involved in training professionals to achieve excellence in the field of medical jurisprudence which will uplift and provide aid to the judicial system of the country. For that the first step in this direction was starting a diploma in medical jurisprudence DMJ which was accredited by PMDC in 2019. The duration of course is two years. Since then, two batches have completed this diploma and four candidates have passed. Currently third batch comprising of seven students are being trained for expertise in medicolegal arena.