Ziauddin University


This year’s best graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy is Sidra Munawar from Batch – IX. She has been an excellent student throughout the 05 year program and hence being awarded the Sir Ziauddin Gold Medal for her outstanding academic performance in the field of Pharmacy. She has obtained 4.00 CGPA in the 10TH semester and her performance can also be seen by the multiple distinctions in various subjects that she has achieved during the course of her degree.

Sidra has proven to be extremely hard working, ambitious and intelligent. She has also shown great perseverance. She has shown that when to set out to achieve something with great passion, hard work and love for learning only sky is the limit.

Not only academics Sidra has also been actively participating in all events held during the program and she has passionately completed all her research projects as well as her thesis on “Stability testing of Cefixime Trihydrate” which makes her an all-rounder. She has zeal for learning and deep passion for the field of Pharmacy which is evident from her tremendous academic records.