Ziauddin University


Five years back, in the gloomy bewilderment of recruiting an institution to track down an orbit for studying physical therapy; my choice to cramp down on the doorsteps of ZCRS was the best match to accomplish the motive of working within the realms of physical therapy in future. For me, ZCRS will always be a metaphor for giving the most mesmerizing memories for the lifetime. ZCRS is indeed a perfect alloy of academics and joy, the balance between authentic learning, social engagement and cultural insights in ZCRS has allowed us to witness the authenticity of professionalism in the world of physical therapy. Growing under the competent faculty and utilizing their ability to divulge knowledge is unblemished. They have always been supportive and welcoming to shape me up according to what I wanted to do professionally. Moreover, ZCRS greatly enhanced my life from friendships to the professional connections. This cohort model has helped me to filter out some lifelong peers who have always supported me with both studies and professional life. They have been there in my tenacious moments where sometimes I could hardly cope-up. For both my faculty and peers, I will always be grateful to ZCRS.