Ziauddin University

Mehmood Ahmed

As a final year student here at Ziauddin University I’ve had a great set of memories of my years. Thanks to the quality of education and professors that link the theory and clinical practice by illustrating examples of their own professional experience. Exceptional support from the faculty helped me improve my communication skills, also providing a unique opportunity to participate in the research programmes being conducted in campus through an expert multidisciplinary faculty.
After spending a span of three long years I can say that I had made the correct decision. The final year has been a lot more interesting, yet challenging as compared to the rest, allowing a hands-on experience and an opportunity to work with high-end technology being practiced worldwide and permitting me to put my manual dexterity to test in the clinics as a dentist and not merely a dental student.
For all new students coming to the university, pursuing dentistry, “Work Hard, Work Smart! Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy!”