MPhil-BHS (Lab Based Pathology) PROGRAM

A very prestigious laboratory based program in pathology was initiated by the research department with the induction of 4 candidates as the present M.Phil program in pathology has a lacunae that no lab based training is available for the scholars which makes them suitable for academic posts only though pathology is a para clinical subject now treated as laboratory medicine. Therefore, there was a dire need to develop a communication of laboratory based training for the M.Phil students in pathology.



Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ZU-801 Molecular Biology & Genetics 1(1+0) Credit Hour
ZU-804 Laboratory Techniques 1 1(0+1) Credit Hour
ZU-803 Basic concepts

General Pathology

2(1+1) Credit Hours
ZU-891 Epidemiology 2(2+0) Credit Hours
ZU-892 Basic Biostatistics 1(1+0) Credit Hour
ZU-894 Educational Methodology 1(1+0) Credit Hour
ZU-806 Teaching Internship-1 1(1+0) Credit Hour
Total 9 Credit Hours

Subject Specific


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ZU-805 Laboratory Techniques-2 1(0+1) Credit Hour
ZU-895 Research Methodology + Synopsis writing 2(2+0) Credit Hour
Microbiology, Hematology 3 Credit Hours
Blood vessels, CVS, Respiratory System 2 Credit Hours
ZU-893 Inferential Biostatistics 1(1+0) credit hour
ZU-807 Teaching Internship-2 1(1+0) credit hour
Total 10 Credit Hours


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Kidney& its collecting system, FGT, MGT, Breast 3 Credit Hours
Oral cavity and GIT, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas 3 Credit Hours
Endocrine system, Bones, joints and soft tissues, Peripheral nerves and Skeletal Muscles, CNS and Skin 3 Credit Hours
ZU-808 Teaching internship-3 1(1+0) credit hour
Total 10 credit hours


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Research & Thesis 6 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours = 35