Research excellence in all fields of study is central to the mission of Ziauddin University and a pinnacle priority, as the key element to the success of the University’s academic profile that needs to be preserved.

Education at Ziauddin University would not be complete without its vital research community. The Health Sciences Research Program encompasses several faculties and departments across Ziauddin University campuses that contribute to a rich atmosphere. The College of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Nursing, Rehabilitation and others offer unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in health sciences education and research. These faculties are particularly important in linking our researchers together and offer a venue to connect scientists working on basic biomedical research to physicians working on problems that directly affect patient care. Ziauddin University community is in continued pursuit of ever greater accomplishments in research through our commitment to innovation, excellence and quality. We share new knowledge for educating and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders as University education is largely about a generation of new knowledge through research. Department of Research is contributing to the Master’s, M.Phil. & PhD programmes to promote research-based degrees and positively add to the research culture at ZU. The Ziauddin University research faculty maintains active research laboratories that are exploring existing questions, spanning from the most basic to the most translational aspects of health sciences research represented by the National and International publications in reputed journals. Research days, conferences and workshops are a series of events that are hosted to showcase outstanding research. Department of Research demonstrates in action the Ziauddin University’s mission of excellence in teaching, research and health care services.