HOD Message

The Research Department at Ziauddin University is a Directorate to form the central hub for all research activities by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). We participate in the policy making, governance, oversight and conduct of the research process across Ziauddin University.

Our vision is to enhance the University’s research profile with a successful contribution to health care and education through a major impact of MPhil, MD, MS and PhD projects in addition to faculty research. Therefore we strive to develop resources and guidelines for our research scholars with a bench to bedside and bench-to-industry approach. In this regard, there has been a phenomenal up-gradation of the multidisciplinary high technology research laboratories with a striking uplift of structured postgraduate teaching and training programmes.

Basic science research is focused on the investigation of etiopathogenetic mechanisms of diseases at a molecular genetic level. Soon we would be launching the MPhil and PhD programme in Molecular Medicine to promote a physician-scientist relationship and invite the clinicians to work at par with international standards. The clinical evidence-based research is promoted to update disease trends and risk factors generating data for preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategic planning.

The projects are also designed for the determination of the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment protocols. Conclusively we hope to pave the way to a brighter future with bold and novel solutions for national and global health challenges.


Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza

Executive Director Research & Meritorious Professor Pathology