Year Workshops/Webinars

& Seminars

2020 38
2019 49
2018 68
2017 29
2016 75
Total activities 259


  1. 3rd Emergency Medicine Conference
  2. Pain Management and Physiotherapy
  3. Modern Methodology for Exercise and Training
  4. EMNOC
  5. NRP
  6. Surgical Workshop on Bowel Anastomosis
  7. Role of Anesthesiologist and Intensivist During Covid-19 Pandemic
  8. Telepractice N Speech and Language Therapy for Children And Adults
  9. Introducing Telehealth In The Fieldwork Experience Of Students
  10. Moral Challenges to Healthcare Providers in Covid Pandemic
  11. Staying Fit at Home During Lockdown
  12. Aural Rehabilitation in Children
  13. Dry Needling – A Horizon in Physical Therapy
  14. Dysphagia
  15. Syncope in Children
  16. Stages of Handwriting in Young Children
  17. Ethical Dilemmas During Covid-19 ‘Scarcity of PPE For Healthcare Providers’
  18. Anxiety Management in Covid Times
  19. Foot And Ankle Biomechanics And Therapeutic Taping
  20. Maintaining Work Life Balance During Covid Times
  21. Practical Approach To Congenital Heart Disease
  22. Speech and Hearing Disorder
  23. Ethical Triage Guidelines For Covid-19
  24. Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis And Management
  25. Pediatric Mental Health And Occupational Therapy
  26. Tracheostomy from SLP Perspective
  27. End of Life Decisions Ethical Challenges
  28. Anxiety Management in Covid Times-2
  29. Psychological Stress Among Healthcare Providers During The Covid Pandemic
  30. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  31. Picky Eating-Eaters Diagnosis and Management
  32. World OT Day
  33. Ethical issues at the Beginning of Life
  34. Using Multidisciplinary Approach To Language Therapy
  35. Praxis and Language
  36. Newborn Life Support
  37. Manuscript Writing
  38. Managing Complex Therapy Patient in the Time of Covid-19


  1. Seminar on Pulmonary Hypertension
  2. Wound Management by Povidone Iodine
  3. CACE Workshop-The art and science of hemodynamic monitoring-II
  4. Short course on Laparoscopic procedures related to Gynecology
  5. Neonatal Resuscitation
  6. Role of Occupational Therapy in Lymphedema Management
  7. Workshop on Objective Writing
  8. Workshop on Communication Skills
  9. Seminar on Down Syndrome
  10. International Patient Safety Goal
  11. Workshop for GP Training at Mithi
  12. workshop on Biosafety
  13. Workshop on Planning, Writing, Defending and Publishing Your Research
  14. Teaching Strategies
  15. Interpretation of Post hoc analysis
  16. Workshop on development of one best MCQs
  17. Introduction to Bioethics for consultants
  18. Diagnostics and Disease Management Training Sessions
  19. Screening and early diagnosis of GI cancers, WDHD 2019
  20. Workshop: Who and when to refer for herpetology / liver transplantation
  21. Clinical supervision of students-procedures and responsibilities of the supervising clinician.
  22. Development of best MCQ
  23. Workshop on Pediatric Dysphagia
  24. 27th Clubfoot Ponesti Technique Hands on Training Workshop
  25. A Seminar on Pediatric Cardiology
  26. Seminar on Epilepsy Mini Fellowship
  27. Seminar on Injection Safety
  28. Workshop on Shoulder Arthroscopy
  29. Vaccines safe life
  30. Workshop on Research Methodology
  31. Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation Workshop
  32. A comprehensive Approach to Breast Cancer Management
  33. Awareness Session on Menopause and its significant impact on Physical and Mental Health
  34. Workshop on Primary Trauma Care
  35. Workshop One Best MCQs
  36. 4th Pediatric MSK Trauma Course
  37. Workshop on Lactation Management
  38. NRP Workshop
  39. A Workshop on comprehensive Interpretation of ECG
  40. A unique natural history & modern day challenges in the management of Head & Neck cancers in Karachi
  41. Workshop on Research Methodology
  42. Techniques in Molecular Biology
  43. Workshop on Injection Safety at College of Nursing
  44. Research Methodology
  45. Brand Management and Marketing, The College of Media Sciences
  46. Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop by Pediatric Department and CME Department 1st Pediatric Intercampus CME by Pediatric Department
  47. Teaching in Digital Age by Quality Assurance Department
  48. Acute Flaccid Paralysis by Department of Quality Assurance
  49. 2nd Pediatric Intercampus CME by Pediatric Department


  1. Workshop on Laproscopic Hysterectomy
  2. Occupational therapy procedures in UK
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Role of Moxifloxacin in Sinusitis – April
  5. Common Eye Problems
  6. Valvular Heart Disease
  7. How to control infecions in neonates
  8. CTP-Classified Training Program Hepatitis C
  9. Nursing Training Workshop
  10. Colorectal Carcinoma
  11. 7TH Skills and Drills workshop in Obstetrics
  12. 3rd Medical Physics Workshop : Radiation Protection in the Design of Radiotherapy Facilities.
  13. Role of Moxifloxacin in Sinusitis – Oct
  14. CME on Management of Heat Stroke
  15. Basics of Radiology
  16. Role of Nutrition for Healthy Life
  17. Pharmacovigilance: Evolving role in Pakistan
  18. Managing Quality of Assessment in HEIs
  19. Writing PBL Scenarios
  20. Workshop on Posthoc Analysis
  21. Giving Effective Feedback
  22. Development of one best MCQ for Faculty of Pharmacy
  23. Management of Headaches
  24. An Interactive CPE Workshop On Radiation Protection by PNRA
  25. A CME on Sleep Disorders
  26. CACE Program for Nurses
  27. CME on Obesity
  28. MCQ Development Workshop
  29. Assessment Plan and TOS
  30. Effective Feedback
  31. Women Health Project
  32. CME on Management of Stroke
  33. Seminar on Occupational Therapy
  34. Diabetes and its Management
  35. Introductory Research Workshop for Post Graduate Students
  36. Written Assessment Plan and Table of Specification by Pharmacology
  37. Affective disorders in children with Autism and ADHD by Dr. Farah Asim
  38. An introduction into Functional Communication Training (FCT) and Verbal Behavior by Mr. Braxton Dean Baker
  39. Basic & Advanced Histological Techniques by Dr. Rehan Ahmed
  40. Development of valid and reliable research instrument Faculty of Pharmacy
  41. Empowering Strategies for functional recovery by Ms. Neelum
  42. Fundamental of Health Profession Education by Ms. Saima Ali
  43. How to Write and Submit a Manuscript for International Journal by Ms Sumera A Ghani & Mr. Ali Farhad
  44. How to write and submit a manuscript for internationals Journal by Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Adnan
  45. How to write and submit manuscript for international journal by Mr. Nabeel Baig Meta-Analysis, Research Council of Pakistan (RCOP), Faculty of Pharmacy
  46. Organizer CME Pathology on National Health Research Agenda
  47. Overview of Study Design & Sample Size calculation & Sampling Technique, Data Analysis by Dr. Farah Ahmed & Dr. Danish Hassan
  48. Post Hoc Analysis, by Pharmacology
  49. Postoperative Management of Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy care, Tracheostomy suctioning & Hands on Practice (Sign off) by Mr. Asif Yousef,, Ms. Alia Nasir and Mr. Kaleem Sarfraz
  50. Pre-Clinical Behavioral Paradigm, Faculty of Pharmacy
  51. Pre-Conference workshop on Research Ethics , Pharmacology
  52. Rehabilitation Challenges; Guidelines in Menopause by Prof. Rubina Hussain, Dr. Sumbul Sohail & Dr. Sabita Harish (Obs & Gyn)
  53. Research made simple for Speech & Language Therapist by Dr. Farooq Rathore (SLHS)
  54. Research Methodology in Rehabilitation Translation, Clinical & Research Perspectives
  55. Research Methodology: Training of the Trainers at Ziauddin University, North Campus
  56. Scientific misconduct and plagiarism in research and writing by Ms. Ghazala Noor Nizamim, Ms. Kinza Mannal
  57. Scientific writings in Medical Journals & Ethical Considerations for Conducting Human Research by Dr. Muhammad Adeel Parvaz
  58. Stoma and Nursing Care:General Introduction on Stoma (A&P), its types and Indications Stoma and peristomal skin complications by Prof. Shafiq Ur Rehman
  59. Stoma Care: Colostomy and Ileostomy (demonstration) (II)   by Ms. Samina Jiwani , Ms. Khushboo Qaim Ali & Ms. Amber Hussain
  60. Time management by Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Adnan
  61. Time Management by Timelenders by Ms Farah Batool
  62. Tracheostomy & Nursing Care – General Introduction on Tracheostomy (A&P), its types and Indications Complications of Tracheostomy (Immediate, and late) by Prof. Khalid Mahida (Nursing)
  63. Training of Molecular biology workshop for postgraduate students, by Pharmacology
  64. Urinary incontinence- A Rehabilitation Perspective by Ms. Sumaira Farooqui
  65. Urinary Incontinence -A Rehabilitation Perspective/Post HOC Analysis, by DED by Mr M. Usman
  66. Urinary incontinence a rehabilitation perspectives by Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Adnan
  67. Visceral Mobilization: a hands on workshop by Mr. Nabeel
  68. Visceral Mobilization Techniques by Dr.S.A.Mehdi Kazmi and Mr. Shahrukh Abbas


  1. Thyroid Disorders
  2. 1st Skills and Drills Workshop
  3. Neurotrauma Challenges and Emergency Response
  4. 2nd Skills and Drills workshop
  5. New Horizons in the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia
  6. Muscular dysfunction
  7. Modern Multidisciplinary approaches on Management of Prostate Cancer
  8. Myths and facts-Chikungunya
  9. 3rd Skills and Drills workshop
  10. The role of Erythopoiesis- Stimulating agents
  11. 4th skills and drills in Obstetrics
  12. “CARE” certificate of advance nursing excellence (module 3)
  13. Webinar Preventig heart disease in diabetes
  14. Approach to the patients with Hepatitis B and C
  15. Critical Appraisal Workshop for Post graduates
  16. Management of Patients with ENT problems
  17. Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
  18. Creating Effective presentations
  19. 5th Skills and drills workshop
  20. 6th Gynecological Symposium
  21. Pulmonary Hypertension
  22. 6th skills and drills workshops in obstetrics
  23. Seminar on rheumatology
  24. Role of folic acid in pregnancy
  25. Approach to chronic diarrhea in children
  26. LSVT Global
  27. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  28. An interactive session on Acute Coronary Artery Disease
  29. Seminar on Updates on NHL


  1. International Guidelines Surviving Sepsis
  2. Workshop on STDs
  3. Holistic approach to Backache
  4. Operating MCQ Software
  5. Critical Appraisal of a Research Manuscript
  6. Holistic Approach to manage silent killer (HTN)
  7. Operating Plagiarism Software (Turnitin)
  8. An Approach to Acne Vulgaris
  9. Workshop on Basic Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  10. Introduction to Mechanical Ventilator
  11. Update on Obstetrics
  12. Update on Pneumonia
  13. GLP-1.Analogue and Modern Insulin in the management of DM
  14. Enhancing Practices of Written Feedback
  15. Breast Feeding Management
  16. An approach to Acne Vulgaris
  17. Functional Bowel Disorder
  18. Prevention of AKI: Reno protective Strategies- 5Rs Approach
  19. Respiratory tract infections
  20. A Seminar on Evidence Based Physical Therapy Practices- A Growing Perspective
  21. Data Searching and Reference Management
  22. Breast Feeding Management
  23. Umbilical Cord Care
  24. 20th PSR Conference
  25. Swine flu
  26. Management of children with Autism
  27. How to deal with preconception period
  28. Headaches- Diagnosis and Management
  29. MCQ Development Workshop
  30. A Challenge to achieve effective hemostasis in patient with hemophilia
  31. Pedriatrics Intensive Revision Course
  32. Perish or Publish
  33. Healthcare Quality Event
  34. Medicine Updates (multidisciplinary)
  35. Stroke and its management in primary practice
  36. Behavior and application of ethical decision making
  37. Trends and issues in Healthcare System
  38. Nursing Status and Image
  39. Your Diet and Gut Health
  40. Advance Nursing Excellence (CARE Workshop)
  41. MRCOG Part 2 Course
  42. Asthma Updates
  43. Master training Workshop
  44. Management of Viral Hepatitis-A Paradigm Shift
  45. Advance Nursing Excellence (CARE Workshop) Module I
  46. Update on management of Heart Failure for Primary Care
  47. Management of Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  48. Bariatric Surgery
  49. Seminar on Children with Cleft lip and Palate
  50. 4th Gymea and Fetomaternal medicine Symposium
  51. Enigma unveiled of periodontology
  52. Management of Cleft lip and cleft palate
  53. Session on Rheumatology
  54. Advance Nursing Excellence (CARE Workshop) Module I
  55. Approach to trauma patients and hands on airway management
  56. Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  57. Retina Symposium (Multan)
  58. Research Methodology
  59. A Short Course on PET/CT
  60. Aplastic Anemia
  61. Encephalopathy
  62. Interstitial lung disease
  63. A short course on Cancer Nursing and care
  64. Management of Atrial Fibrillation
  65. International Patient Safety Goals
  66. Pulmonary Hypertension
  67. A Workshop on Surgical Skills
  68. A short course on Android Development
  69. Protein isolation, purification and quantitation of schizophrenic brain tissue.
  70. Developing and a research question and hypothesis
  71. Oncoplastic breast surgery: Lipomodelling-breast reconstitution by auto fat transplantation by Dr. Kauser Rehaman
  72. Genetic Markers for breast cancer: Vitamin D receptor (VDR) genes for breast cancer DNA accretion and quantification- PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis. by Dr Bushra Wasim & Dr. Shamim Mushtaq
  73. Workshop and summer training program by Dr. Nikhat & Dr. Shamim
  74. Grant writing workshop for early career faculty by Tom Blumdell (UK)
  75. Workshop on End Note by Dr. Nikhat and Dr. Shamim