List of Faculty Members with Specialization

S# Name Faculty Specialization University
1. Dr. Talat Mirza Faculty of Health Sciences-Research Department Histopathology, Molecular Pathology, Oncology& Virology University of Karachi
2. Dr. Aly Haider Faculty of Health Sciences-Medicine/Clinical Cardiology/Internal Medicine Dow Medical College
3. Dr. Amina Asif Siddiqui Faculty of Health Sciences-CSLHS Speech Language Pathology & Clinical Linguistics University of Mumbai and University of Liverpool
4. Dr. Amna Aamir Khan Faculty of Health Sciences-ZCRS Women Health, Research Epidemiology, Biostatistics Ziauddin University
5. Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui Faculty of Health Sciences-ZCRS Women Health, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Research Ziauddin University
6. Dr. Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui Faculty of Health Sciences-RD Cell Biology, Histology and High Resolution Microscopy Ziauddin University
7. Dr. Rehan Imad Faculty of Health Sciences-RD Molecular Medicine and Genetics Ziauddin University
8. Dr. Ambrina Khatoon Faculty of Health Sciences-RD Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology Ziauddin University
9. Dr. Imran Shaikh Faculty of Health Sciences-CHS Medical Education, Maternal & Child Health ECFMG Institute USA
10. Dr.  Qudsia Hassan Faculty of Health Sciences-FM Age estimation techniques, DNA Fingerprinting, Trauma based research Ziauddin University
11. Dr. Sana Mirza Faculty of Health Sciences-Dentistry Oral Pathology, molecular biology, Periodontology, cancer Ziauddin University
12. Dr Shamim Mushtaq Faculty of Health Sciences-Biochemistry Proteomics/Molecular Biology/Cell Biology Ziauddin University
13. Dr. Shumaila Usman Faculty of Health Sciences-RD Stem Cell Research & Cancer Research Ziauddin University
14. Dr.  Syed Abid Mehdi Kazmi Faculty of Health Sciences-ZCRS Musculoskeletal Ziauddin University
15. Dr.  Uzma Ghori Faculty of Health Sciences-Medicine/Clinical Internal Medicine Ziauddin University
16. Dr Sofia Amjad


Faculty of Health Sciences-Physiology Reproductive Physiology Ziauddin University
17. Dr. Khalid Hussain Mahida Faculty of Health Sciences-Medicine – Otolaryngology Otology, Rhinology, Medical Education Ziauddin University
18. Dr. Rizma Khan Faculty of Health Sciences-Molecular Genetics Genetics, Proteomics Ziauddin University
19. Dr. Zil a Rubab Faculty of Health Sciences-Biochemistry Cancer/Virology/Mol Biology/Diabetes Mellitus Ziauddin University
20. Ms. Marvi Masood Farooqui Faculty of Health Sciences-CHS Forensic Medicine,Medical Education Aga Khan University
21. Ms. Al-Wardha Zahoor Faculty of Health Sciences-ZCRS Physical Therapy University of Karachi
22. Dr. Farheen Naz Faculty of Health Sciences-Dentistry Clinical Translational Research Ziauddin University
23. Dr.Rafeeq Alam Khan Faculty of Pharmacy


Pharmacology of Natural Products and Biochemical Pharmacology Ziauddin University
24. Dr.Ghulam Abbas Faculty of Pharmacy Neuropharmacology University of Karachi
25. Dr.Adeel Arsalan Faculty of Pharmacy Liposomes in cancer therapy Ziauddin University
26. Dr.Maqsood Ahmed Faculty of Pharmacy Formulation development, antimicrobial resistance, infectious  diseases,Pharmacoeconomics Ziauddin University
27. Dr.Talha Bin Fayyaz Faculty of Pharmacy Neuroscience, Cognitive Function & Cardiovascular Toxicity Ziauddin University
28. Dr.Saira Shahnaz Faculty of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Practice Ziauddin University
29. Dr.Shazia Alam Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmacoeconomics Ziauddin University


30. Dr.Tasawar Mirza Baig Faculty of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Ziauddin University
31. Ms. Qurratul-ain Leghari Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry, Synthesis of drugs, Pharmaceutical Analytical  Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Drug Discovery and development, Drug Stability and analysis, Chromatographic and spectrometric Instrumental analysis, Photochemistry Ziauddin University
32. Dr.Syed Imran Ali Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Ziauddin University
33. Mr. Hammad Ahmed Faculty of Pharmacy Reproductive health, Neuropharmacology, Neurodegenerative disorders, Phytopharmacology. Ziauddin University
34. Dr.Sadaf Ibrahim Faculty of Pharmacy Endocrinology, Histopathology, Neuropharmacology Baqai Medical University
35. Dr.Faiza Akhtar Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ziauddin University
36. Dr.Ambreen Huma Faculty of Pharmacy Phytochemical studies, Clinical practice in herbal medicines, Product development ,Method validation University of Karachi
37. Dr.Huma Pirzada Faculty of Pharmacy Computational and Medicinal Chemistry Ziauddin University
38. Dr.Saba Majeed Faculty of Pharmacy Neuropharmacology, Neuroscience University of Karachi
39. Engr. Syed Faraz Jafri ZUFESTM GeoTechnical, Highway Engineering, Construction Engineering and  Management University of East London
40. Engr. Samia Tariq ZUFESTM Structures/Materials University of Canterbury
41. Engr. Abdul Aziz Ansari ZUFESTM Structures/Materials Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science and


42. Engr. Khawaja Sheeraz ZUFESTM GeoTechnical/ Highway Engineering, Traffic, Transportation and Road Safety Engineering NED University of Engineering & Technology
43. Engr. Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Basit  Ayubi ZUFESTM Bio-optoelectronics and Instrumentation NED University of Engineering and Technology
44. Engr. Sheikh Muhammad Munaf ZUFESTM Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence University Technology Malaysia
45. Prof. Dr Fauzia Shamim FLAHS Applied Linguistics Ziauddin University
46. Dr. Abdur Rahman

FLAHS Quranic Interpretation, Hadith, Fiq and Comparative Religions, Linguistics University of Karachi
47. Dr. Arif Mahmood Mustafai FLAHS Islamic Studies University of Karachi
48. Dr Kiran Hashmi FLAHS Education and Teacher Education Ziauddin University


Postgraduate Research Labs at ZU




Equipment Available:

  • Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinet
  • Live Cell Imaging Microscope
  • Automated Cell Counter
  • Fridge
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tank
  • Water Bath
  • Centrifuge Machine
  • Pipette Filler
  • CO2 Incubator


  • Primary cell culture
  • Isolation and propagation of stem cells from different sources
  • Differentiation of stem cells into different cell types
  • Cell migration assay
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Cell growth analysis
  • MTT assay/Cell proliferation assay
  • Cryopreservation
  • Revival of cryopreserved cell lines
  • Cell Viability Assay
  • Effects of compounds on different cell lines



Equipment Available:

  • Thermal Cyclers
  • Gel Electrophoresis Unit
  • Analytical Balance
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Gel Documentation System
  • Fridge
  • -80°C Freezer
  • Vortex machine
  • pH meter
  • Multiscan sky Spectrophotometer
  • qPCR machine


  • DNA / RNA isolation and quantification
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Conventional PCR
  • Gel electrophoresis
  • Gene polymorphism studies
  • RFLP
  • Real time PCR




Equipment Available:

  • Nikon Ts2R-FL Inverted Microscope
  • Compound microscopes
  • Fume hood
  • Hot air oven
  • Cold plate
  • Hot plate
  • Water bath
  • Microtome


  • Animal Dissection
  • Tissue Fixation
  • Tissue Processing
  • Paraffin Embedding
  • Thin Tissue Sectioning
  • Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining
  • Periodic Acid Schiff Staining
  • Masson Trichrome Staining
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • High resolution microscopy and image processing
  • Bright Field
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) – 3D Imaging
  • Fluorescence (Triple Channel – DAPI, FITC & TX Red)
  • Morphometric analysis
  • Nuclear area factor analysis



  • Isolation and quantification of proteins
  • Western Blotting
  • HPLC



  • It will have high configuration storage mandatory for Bioinformatics, which has now become a very important tool for next level investigations.
  • It will contribute to the cutting-edge of modern research in genomics and bioinformatics
  • The ultimate goal is to enable personalized genomics medicine




  • Real time PCR for (Hepatitis C virus, Hepatitis B virus, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, HDV, HSV 1 & 2)
  • ANA profiling
  • HCV genotyping
  • Torch Profile
  • Toxoplasmosis IgM
  • CMV IgM
  • HSV I & II IgM
  • Autoimmune liver disease Profile




  • The mission of the Animal house facility is to facilitate animal use in research at Ziauddin University, in the research areas of Pharmacology, Pathology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Molecular Medicines & Rehabilitation Sciences.
  • It will provide housing facilities of rats and mice for the researchers to conduct their animal related experiments in controlled environment.

Services Lab

  1. Haematology lab
  2. Cytopathology & Histopathology lab
  3. Clinical Microbiology Lab
  4. Molecular Genetics Lab
  5. Chemical Pathology Lab

Research Lab Faculty

  • Saeeda Baig, PhD (Director Lab)
  • Shamim Mushtaq, PhD (Additional Director Lab)
  • Shumaila Usman, PhD ( Incharge MDRL – 01 )
  • Rehan Ahmed, PhD ( Incharge MDRL – 02 )
  • Rizma Khan,PhD(Incharge MDRL – 03)
  • Ambrina Khatoon, PhD
  • Rehan Imad, PhD
  • Moazzam A. Shahid, MPhil (Research Officer)
  • Asif Masih (Laboratory Assistant)