Ziauddin University Holds A Two Day Hands-On Workshop Fundamentals and Applications of Cell Culture

The Department of Molecular Medicine and Department of Research conducted a hands-on workshop on the Fundamentals and Applications of Cell Culture on 9th and 10th November, 2021. The aim of the workshop was to equip the participants with basic cell culture techniques including harvesting, sub culturing, seeding, cryopreservation and cytotoxicity assays. The participants represented over 5 reputed organizations including Dow University of Health Sciences, SZABIST, University of Karachi and Defense Science and Technology Organization (DESTO).

The program commenced with the recitation from Holy Quran. Dr. Yamna Khurshid welcomed the participants and highlighted the significance of cell culture in the research and pharmaceutical industry. The keynote lecture emphasizing the clinical applications of cell culture was delivered by Executive Director Research, Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza. The Program Coordinator, Dr. Rehan Imad followed forward to give the participants a basic understanding of the terminologies and techniques used in cell culture. The participants were then provided hands-on experience in sub-culturing, plating and reagent preparations by Dr. Rehan Imad, Dr. Abdul Hameed and Dr. Yamna Khurshid. A thought provoking and extremely worthy lecture on fundamentals and utilization of cell culture in designing research projects was conducted by Dr. Shamim Mushtaq.

On day second, Dr. Rehan Imad further broadened the understanding of the participants on the preparation of compounds/drugs and dilutions. He also conducted hands on sessions on drug treatment and MTT assay. Dr. Yamna Khurshid proceeded further and delivered a lecture on In-vitro cytotoxicity and cell viability assay followed by Dr. Abdul Hameed enlightening lecture on primary cell culture modules in advanced research. The participants shared that they gained new insight and valuable knowledge which will help them in designing and developing their research projects. The certificates were distributed among the participants after taking the quiz.