Workshop on Care and Use of Small Labs Animal

Two (2) days hands on certified workshop on Care and Use of Small Lab Animals for postgraduate students and faculty members was conducted by Department of Molecular Medicine and Research on 10 th and 11 th November 2022 at Cell Biology and Histology Lab, MDRL-2, Ziauddin University, Clifton Campus. Dr. Abdul Hameed started the program with the welcome address and recitation from the Holy Quran. The most significant and motivational talk by the Executive Director Research and HOD Molecular Medicine, Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza highlighted the importance of this workshop. She emphasized on the importance of learning the use of animals for drug designing and development. Workshop began with the lecture on Laboratory Biosafety delivered by Dr. Aneel Roy Bhagwani followed by video session on Care, Handling and Use of Small Lab Animals, animal safe work practice (SWP), facilitated by Dr. Abdul Hameed. A lecture and video session were also carried out on common routes of drug administration by Dr. Aneel. Dr. Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui delivered a talk on Development of Human Disease Models on Animals. He showed various histological slides of different animal model of diseases on which he and his team are currently working in Cell Biology and Histology Lab. On the same day, hands on training was given to the attendees on how to handle the animals with care and how to inject the doses via different routes.On day 2 of this workshop, a lecture on awareness session for proper SOPs and PPEs to protect human, animal and, lab environment during animal experiments was delivered by Dr. Kevin Borges followed by hands on training on animal euthanasia, dissection and organ harvesting was carried out by all four facilitators in four groups of participants. Extensive knowledge and practical skills were imparted through the lectures, video sessions & interactive sessions along with the hands-on training for animal handling and dissection, from the expert facilitators Dr. Rehan, Dr. Abdul Hameed, Dr. Aneel and Dr. Kevin. The two days productive activity was concluded with the wrap up session by Dr. Talat Mirza. Prof. Dr. Abbas Zafar, Dean FHS, Ziauddin University addressed to the participants, congratulated the organizers for the successful event. He closed the session after taking feedback from the participants and distribution of shields to the organizers and certificates to the participants.