Ziauddin Media Society Arranges Beach Party

Just when the summer season was taking its tow, Ziauddin Media Society rolled up its sleeves to organize a beach party for the students on the 19th of August. The excitement in the air soared from the first light of dawn to sunset. The students basked and bathed all day in the sun, sand, and of course sea.

Students from all the departments of Ziauddin University enthusiastically participated and enjoyed to their fullest, taking memories to be cherished for a lifetime. The air was filled with scent of mouth-watering food as everyone grooved on the rhythm created by the DJ. Horses galloped from one end to another as students satisfied their appetite for horse riding. Beach party is never complete without volley ball and the society ensured that the excitement tank does not go empty. Laughs and arguments for were shared during the volley ball matches but it all added flavour to the success of the entire event. To ensure that everything goes well, there were life guards as well to keep everything under control in deep waters.

The event turned out to be a significant platform for all the students of each department as they had an opportunity to socialize with each other and make friends that would last a lifetime. Ziauddin Media Society’s patron Ma’am Fatima HatimAnjary ensured that President FarasKirmani with his executive council and cabinet members especially Ali Merchant, Bilal Ahmed, ShahzadZaka, Hamza Nadir, Neha and Unaiza Masood made all the necessary arrangements to execute an event worth remembering for all the good reasons. The event remained to be the talk of the town for a long time and students expect many more events to come in time to cherish all such memories during their university life.

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