Bake Sale at ZCSLHS

On the 28th of March, College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University, hosted annual bake sale. This bake sale, like every year; was organised to raise funds for our under privileged clients. The kind of response the event got was overwhelming. Numerous students from other faculties came and purchased the goodies to support the cause and appreciated the initiative and hard work. The event enlightened the day and made it a little more scrumptious for everyone.

“JINAY LAHORE NA WAIKHIYA”, a stage part presented by our talented students.

Literary and Cultural Society like every year celebrated Extracurricular Activities week with zeal and enthusiasm. Due to hectic schedule of students this one week break was much needed and highly appreciated by the participating students. The direction and performance was done by the students which was commendable. The show was attended and applauded by the students and faculty of Ziauddin University.

HNow Show Common Sense Shoot

Medical colleges are known for their steady academic schedule since ages. Students each day strive hard to accomplish the dreams they enter the college with. The life of a student, specifically of a medical college, is so occupied.

Ziauddin University introduces new Faculties

Department of Public Relations organized media meet up on lunch which was chaired by Professor Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University, for promoting newly established Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology (ZUFEST), Faculty of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, and Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences, Ziauddin University.

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