Malaria and Dengue Awareness Campaign

On May 22nd, Ziauddin University (ZU) and Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT), in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, organized a “Malaria and Dengue Awareness Campaign” at the Primary Health Clinic in Sikandarabad to spread awareness about dengue and malaria. The campaign aimed to elaborate briefly on the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures of dengue and malaria and build a sense of community ownership in the prevention efforts.
The campaign included demonstrations in both Urdu and Pashto languages, showcasing the correct method of using mosquito repellent and coils. An open-ended Q&A session was also conducted to address any queries.
With the monsoon season approaching, it is imperative to be aware of these two diseases, which can be lethal if not managed promptly.