Keeping in mind our tradition of providing quality medical service training to improve healthcare in Pakistan, Ziauddin University will be hosting its 75th Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care (EMNOC) workshop at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, North Campus. The workshop that be held on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February 2021, aims to educate medical students is numerous skills related to obstetric care. This includes exercises, basic emergency care, as well as all that is needed to ensure a healthy delivery. The facilitators of the workshop include Prof. Rubina Hussain, Dr. Nigar Sadaf, Dr. Shama Chaudhry, Dr. Shazia Sultana, and Dr. Rehana Yasmeen.

The 3 day workshop in the past, has taught the registered students to practice basic life support, neonatal resuscitations, shoulder dystocia, PPH, and cord prolapse on obstetric manikins. Other topics that the trained physicians will touch include obstructed labour, obstetric fistula and complications linked to different stages of labour. Moreover, the purpose of the workshop is to ensure all the registered pupils step out with the basic knowledge needed to handle emergency delivery cases. This step alone can greatly help in decreasing the infant mortality rate in the country as well as help mothers who have just given birth recover faster.

To be a part of this movement towards a healthier nation, get registered for the 76th Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care (EMNOC) workshop to be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April, 2021.