Directorate of Educational Development (DED) strives to provide conducive learning environment across ZU via opportunities for all the faculties to nurture their teaching roles. We aim to empower ZU teachers by providing structured program to help prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge & skills required to undertake their TEACHING ROLES effectively; seek quality improvement of the ZU Q-bank via conducting regular peer review of questions with content experts; foster scholarship in educational research across all ZU disciplines.

Over the time, diversification within the University has expanded with the creation of new disciplines. Amongst the various strengths of DED, the one most important is the roles played by its mission & goals in promoting scholarship of teaching & leadership through educational innovations, teaching & assessment methodologies and evaluation plans. With our aspirations, we are moving towards accomplishments of DED services to address the unique needs of diverse disciplines of ZU. The main functions of DED are to Conduct Workshops / Interactive sessions; Conduct regular Peer-reviews (MDR * meetings) to ensure quality of resources such as MCQs-ONE BEST, OSCEs/OSPEs; Outcomes/Objectives & Study Guides. We believe to work in teams and encourage scientific inquiry within the bonds of humanism. In close coordination with the academic committees, Directorate of Educational Development ensures the provision of its services extended to various ZU disciplines about matters related to Curriculum, Teaching/Learning, & Assessment. We are determined to provide quality teaching and learning experiences through capacity building to achieve highest possible standards in all the areas of curriculum, teaching and assessment.

Dr. Iram Khursheed,
Director & Associate Professor,
Directorate of Educational Development,
Ziauddin University.