College Of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences Commences Lsvt Loud Treatment

LSVT LOUD is an evidence based therapy for idiopathic Parkinson’s and is known to benefit 51% of patients having Dysphagia as a co-morbidity. It is also known to help adults as well as children having voice impediments of neurogenic origin.
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment of LSVT LOUD commences at the CSLHS in Clifton, through Amina Siddiqui who is an LSVT LOUD certified speech language therapist, after completion of training at the Columbia Teacher College, New York.
Course Faculty LSVT LOUD, Dr Lorraine Ramig (left) and Dr Jessica Galgano (right), with Amina Siddiqui (centre) in Columbia Teacher’s College, New York on 18th August 2017.