70 Years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges

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Optimum level of education key factor for economic growth: Dr. S. Jaffar Ahmed

Ziauddin University holds lecture series on ’70 Years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges’


Karachi – April 11, 2018: “If military is a good solution than why it fails to retain on permanent basis, the only reason is that it is not trained for politics or for solving political problems”, Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed, Former Director, Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi said this while giving lecture on “70 years of Pakistan: Achievements & Challenges” to the lecture series organized by Ziauddin University.


During the lecture, Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed stated that 1947 migration tends to be the biggest in the history where around 12 million people crossed the border. This country started working without any proper government system, constitution and undoubtedly lack of resources at its initial stage.


In such kind of horrendous situation we started our journey. Sense of adoption and ownership was there because of which this country became what it is today. After 23 years of independence we somehow managed to make our constitution and it was the biggest achievement. Now, we can proudly say that Pakistan’s economy is in its growing phase with the inclusion of big industries. Even in rural areas of Pakistan branded products can be witnessed now. Our entire marketing sector is aligned with global economy.


It is important to mention here that during last 35 years population statistics of our country changed gradually which indicates that around 60 % of youngsters are below 30 years of age and we immensely have scarcity of basic facilities for them including better education, job opportunities, energy and water resources etc, Dr Syed Jaffar added.


He further disclosed that, we have approximately 180 universities in our country in which we have large number of female students. Karachi University has 72% girls, Gujrat University has 73% girls, and university of Sargodha has 74% female students. We can clearly see how big achievement is this for our female students. It tells about the mental growth of our people. Parents now prefer to invest on their children’s education first than they think about their property and other issues.


Talking about challenges which we are facing Dr. Jaffar said that the unbalanced growth in education sector since 1990s to 2014 specifies that 400 universities were formed and on the other hand only 130 schools were established during the same tenure.


Schools reflects colleges and colleges reflects universities so we have to work on our schools  first. Unluckily we have 6 to 7 streams of education including English medium, Urdu medium, A/O Levels, cadet colleges and religious schools like madrasah system and this streamline system is the major distraction or failure for any civilized society. It is disheartening that our government is reluctant to spend more than 2% in education sector; whereas, it is the need of the hour to spend 4 % at least for the development of our country.


Dr S. Jaffar further stated that democracy provides mechanism to address issues and provide solutions to the people in the most organized way. We have certain mechanism in constitutions we need to set our constitutions .We need to check our constitutional institute I hope we will find our solutions through democratic ways.


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