11th interactive series of ZU Dialogues “CYBERCRIME: A Digital Threat”

Ziauddin University organized the 11th interactive series of ZU Dialogues “CYBERCRIME: A Digital Threat” to get the opinion and analysis of the experts about cybercrime which includes fraud, impersonating someone, or stealing someone’s identity.

The dialogue session was attended by the renowned experts Mr. Muhammad Qasim, Wing Head IT Security, National Bank of Pakistan; Ms. Nighat Dad, Executive Director, Digital Rights Foundation; Prof. Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Vice-Chancellor of Ziauddin University. The event was moderated by Amir Shahzad, ZU Dialogues of Ziauddin University.

While during the online session the experts said that social media has been more significant than ever in the last year, and cybercrime occurred all around the world during Covid-19, the more cybercrime occurs lack of understanding, usage, or addiction to social media, and increasing use of the internet method by those trying to earn money during the Covid-19 pandemic has been identified by cyber experts as some of the causes for the growth in cybercrime.