Faculty of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

The Ziauddin University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is gradually evolving into one of the most prestigious universities offering a study of liberal arts. The faculty was formed keeping in mind globalisation and the need to develop communication skills that may help the students in Pakistan make a mark in the world.

The Faculty of Liberal Art and Human Sciences differs from the rest of the programmes since it aims to develop empowered individuals who are able to deal with the complexities of life and society using critical thinking, communication skills and a problem-solving approach. This area of studies has gained importance world over since it focuses on analysing human issues and provides a broad knowledge of different fields of study that place emphasis on the evolution of media, communication, and arts. 

At Ziauddin University, our focus is on human sciences and liberal arts education that prepares the pupils to analyse ideas from various aspects and come up with unique solutions and plans that are out of the box. We also focus on endowing a creative amalgamation of theoretical knowledge as well practical projects to polish the critical thinking skills of the students. Most importantly, Ziauddin University emphasises on producing individuals who are creative, imaginative, and thought leaders who possess the potential to make a difference in the world.

The different colleges that come under the Ziauddin University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences include the College of Media Sciences, College of Languages, Literature and Culture, College of Education, and the Department of Clinical Psychology. The career prospects of the students enrolled in this dynamic faculty include journalism, advertising, production, marketing, teaching, research analysis, content writing, author, social work, and numerous other fields related to communication.