Faculty of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

The Ziauddin University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is gradually evolving into one of the most prestigious universities offering a study of liberal arts. The faculty was formed keeping in mind globalisation and the need to develop communication skills that may help the students in Pakistan make a mark in the world.

The Faculty of Liberal Art and Human Sciences differs from the rest of the programmes since it aims to develop empowered individuals who are able to deal with the complexities of life and society using critical thinking, communication skills and a problem-solving approach. This area of studies has gained importance world over since it focuses on analysing human issues and provides a broad knowledge of different fields of study that place emphasis on the evolution of media, communication, and arts. 

At Ziauddin University, our focus is on human sciences and liberal arts education that prepares the pupils to analyse ideas from various aspects and come up with unique solutions and plans that are out of the box. We also focus on endowing a creative amalgamation of theoretical knowledge as well practical projects to polish the critical thinking skills of the students. Most importantly, Ziauddin University emphasises on producing individuals who are creative, imaginative, and thought leaders who possess the potential to make a difference in the world.

The different colleges that come under the Ziauddin University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences include the College of Media Sciences, College of Languages, Literature and Culture, College of Education, and the Department of Clinical Psychology. The career prospects of the students enrolled in this dynamic faculty include journalism, advertising, production, marketing, teaching, research analysis, content writing, author, social work, and numerous other fields related to communication.

The Ziauddin College of Media Sciences (ZCOMS) is an institute that was formed by Ziauddin University with the aim of training and preparing students for a career that gives one power to change the world. This is possible since the mass media is one of the greatest influencers of today’s time. This includes film, television, advertising, books, radio, magazines, social media etc.  All the images, text, and opinions we see form the way we act, think, and feel. Therefore, it is essential for any society to produce media science students that are responsible, and realise the important role they play in reforming the world.

The BS in Communication and Media Sciences at ZCOMS, is a degree that aims to provide students will all the knowledge related to the communication field. This means studying and analysing theory as well as implementing ideas practically. The Communication and Media Sciences undergraduate degree also aims to polish the communication skills of students and develop them into thought leaders who generate unique ideas that can change the world as we know it. Its due to this rigourous training and implementation of ingraining important social values within the students that makes Ziauddin University one of the best institutes in Karachi.

The courses offered at ZCOMS include Communication design, Journalism, Film and TV, and Digital marketing. Students can major in one of the above-mentioned subjects, and minor in another – therefore mastering two fields during the four-year plan that aims to achieve excellence in education. All of the mentioned programmes are considered game changers in the world of communication and marketing. 

Communication design provides a coursework that incorporates a mix of communication theory and design history to train students to develop innovative media and messages for different companies and industries. The subjects in Film and TV explore the origins of cinematic studies and how one can master the art of motion pictures. Journalism on the other hand is a discipline that provides students with the fundamental skills of writing, reporting, investigating and researching in order bring a dawn of truth to the nation. Last but not least, digital marketing looks at how social media and the internet can be used as an influential marketing tool to reach potential customers whilst creating new clients at the same time. The coursework for those pursuing digital marketing aims to teach students regarding content marketing, search engine optimisation, landing page optimisation, copywriting, and understanding digital data, digital technology and various digital platforms.

ZCOMS comprises of an educated, experienced and empowered faculty, a curriculum that is at par with international universities, and numerous facilities such as a radio station that allows students to train how to communicate with a vast audience. The university also has a large studio at its disposal that provides space production and marketing students to shoot short films and advertisements. If you want to partake in the evolution of ideas, the Ziauddin College of Media Sciences is the place to be.

The College of Languages, Literature & Culture comes under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences at Ziauddin University and the aim is to arm students with the art of communication that can solve problems related to businesses, the society, politics, and more. The curriculum taught in the liberal arts colleges is one that not only teaches a particular syllabus, but also pursues students to think creatively by introducing subjects and courses that require one to possess the tool of critical thinking.

Keeping this in mind, the College of Languages, Literature & Culture has introduced numerous degree programmes which includes a Bachelors in English, BS English and Media Studies, Diploma of Arts in TESOL, and Masters in TESOL – all course that focus on polishing one’s communication skills. Learning communication skills are essential since every profession in the world requires employees who can communicate effectively to put across a thought or a great idea. Good communication also makes it easier for one to coordinate with a team and develop successful projects. Therefore, strong interaction and conversational skills are a necessity at every workplace. 

A BS in English has become more relevant today than ever before. With the age of globalisation and social media, English has become a universal language that is of use nearly everywhere in the world. Hence, to be equipped with the art of speaking and writing profound English is a talent that can allow one to find employment prospects in different fields globally. Strong English skills can also help break cultural barriers since it is a language spoken and understood in many countries around the globe.

Students studying BS in English not only require the ability to speak and write good English, but also need to acquire a creative mind that can analyse and communicate. At Ziauddin University, it is our mission to empower our students so they are provided with the language skills needed to shine bright in the international academic sphere. 

A Diploma of Arts in TESOL and a Masters in TESOL equips students with the knowledge and training needed to teach English as a second language anywhere in the world. The curriculum prepares students to become educators that not only have the skill to interact, but also possess the knowledge of other cultures. 

With a coursework that combines advanced language teaching, studying TESOL in the College of Languages, Literature, & Culture will open doorways of opportunities for the students. Join our college to become a part of the change that will help advance the world. 

The career of teaching is not an easy one and requires a great amount of training and understanding. This is because educators are the ones who instill values within the students, and provide them the needed direction towards seeking knowledge and advancement. 

If you are looking to start a career as a teacher, the perfect place to kickstart your journey in educational academia is by pursuing a B.Ed honours degree. This is essential as teaching is one of the most respected jobs world over and with the ongoing magnitude of globalisation, the field of education has greatly evolved. To produce teachers who are at par with international standards, the Ziauddin University launched the College of Education.  

The College of Education is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (FLAHS), and aims to prepare teachers who will be recognised for their quality of teaching, research, and leadership. The courses designed prepare educators to teach in high schools, higher primary schools, and other areas related to education internationally. 

The institute also promotes critical thinking in the potential teachers, as well as the courage and direction to lead. This is vital in order to produce teachers who are well-equipped to devise fresh learning strategies and effective teaching methodologies keeping in mind the evolving technological trends. 


This 4 year BS is a unique program designed to develop trained professionals in the field of Clinical Psychology. The initiative of introducing the program has been taken by Ziauddin University to cater to the urgent demand for trained clinical psychologist all over the country and to equip graduates with a world class theoretical and clinical experience necessary to practice mental health evaluation and treatment of diverse populations.

Clinical Psychology is a higher gear of general psychology. It is a multifaceted field within Psychology where the clinical psychologists address social, emotional, mental and behavioural disorders, and work on their prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

The BS Clinical Psychology program is both knowledge and skill oriented. The curricula emphasize in depth training – both theoretical and clinical- with clinical training (i.e. observation and performance of clinical work) within Ziauddin Hospitals, in special schools, and in mainstream schools.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates will be able to find numerous job opportunities in government and private organizations, NGOs and service sector institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and healthcare management programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate/ A Level
  • Commitment towards a helping profession
  • Admission test and interview will also be conducted for admission purposes.

The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Advance fees to be paid annually. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of the academic year. 2% surcharge will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.