Faculty of Eastern Medicine & Natural Sciences

Introduction About Faculty

The Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS) at Ziauddin University focuses on providing quality education through excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The faculty also ensures the students receive skills that can immediately be transferred to the workforce. It is this dedication that makes Ziauddin University one of the best universities in Karachi.

The purpose of this particular degree in natural sciences is to produce individuals who are masters in the field of Eastern medicine – a traditional arena of sciences that promotes health and therapy for chronic diseases through the use of herbal medicines. As the world advances, the populace is slowly shifting their reliance towards western medication and are failing to realise the great results that can be derived with the correct combination of Eastern and Western medicine. Eastern medicine is not only an effective form of medication, it is also one that has numerous job prospects available for the graduates. This includes a career in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, hospitals, and research institutes. 

The vision of the Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences is to create a transformative impact on society through innovation in research, quality education and professional development. The focus of the faculty is on deep practical knowledge, leadership, interpersonal skills and to deal with emerging challenges in the modern world. The colleges and programmes offered enables each student for excellence in clinical training, research, dietotherapy and organic plant cultivation activities.

The colleges that come under the Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS) include the College of Eastern Medicine, the College of Horticulture, and the College of Natural Sciences. The inspiring academic programmes currently include a Bachelor of Science in the afore mentioned fields of natural medicine.