Call for allowing Kashmiris to decide their future

Speaking at a webinar organized by the Ziauddin University on Tuesday, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs chairperson Dr Masuma Hasan called for demilitarisation in the Indian-held Kashmir as the presence of military in the region was detrimental to peace in the region. The webinar was titled ‘Kashmir – Divided Yet United’.

Ride for a cause

At Ziauddin University, we understand how essential extracurricular activities are to keep the student body motivated. Keeping this in mind, a Bike-a-thon was organised on Sunday, 14th of February 2021 by the Office of Student Affairs Ziauddin University and the Welfare AID. The fundraiser event was conducted to celebrate Ziauddin University’s 25th Anniversary and aimed to raise awareness about heart health and collect money for the underprivileged patients of the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Kemari.

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad: A source of inspiration

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was an eminent educationist, scholar and visionary of the sub-continent and it is under his name that the Ziauddin University was formed. He is remembered even today because after the death of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad played an important role in the renewal of education for the Muslims.

2nd Ziauddin University Friendly Cricket Championship

Office of Student Affairs (Sports Division) had successfully conducted a 2nd Ziauddin University Friendly Cricket Championship on 3rd & 4th of February 2021 at Ziauddin University Clifton Cricket ground The participating colleges are ZUFESTM, ZCRS North, ZCRS Clifton & PHARMACY.

Impact of a pandemic on a mental health

The prolonged social restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, series of lockdowns, increasing number of deaths, and unemployment have had a great impact on mental health across the globe, causing a significant increase in psychological illnesses. To shed light on the topic and address these concerns, Ziauddin University organized a Webinar on 31 January.

Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and thousands of people were forced into a lockdown. Due to this, several problems arose for people who were otherwise leading normal lives. This includes coping up with how to work at home, unemployment, fear of stepping out, financial crisis, loneliness, isolation etc. Moreover, the pandemic even disrupted the quality of health services world over as the demand increased. A survey of 130 countries provides the first global data showing the devastating impact of COVID-19 on access to mental health services and underscores the urgent need for increased funding.

Commencement Day – BEMS 3rd Batch of Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences

On January 19, 2021 Ziauddin College of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS), inducted their 3nd batch of growing young Eastern Medicine students in 5-years Bachelors program of Eastern Medicine and Surgery (B.E.M.S) under the supervision of Dean Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS), Ziauddin University. Students from diverse backgrounds for all the provinces came together at DPT building North Campus to start their journey of education along with COVID-19 precautions and SOPs advised by National Command and Control Center (NCOC) Government of Pakistan and Registrar office Ziauddin University.

Ziauddin University College of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS) have been approved by the National Council for Tibb, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan since 11th September 2019 to bestow Eastern Medicine knowledge.

Workshop by College of Medical Technology

As the world of technology progresses, numerous innovations have entered the field of healthcare. This is essential as medical technology often provides equipment that delivers solutions to diseases and ailments that were once incurable or hard to treat. Among the many innovations of medical technology, radiological imaging and ultrasonography are tools that seem to be reigning on an international level. This is because ultrasound is very easy, useful, and a firsthand modality to diagnose any gross pathologies. For instance, in an emergency setting when patients arrive, an emergency doctor can perform the ultrasound of acute development to rule out any liver disease, cholestasis, pancreatitis, or bowel obstruction within a minute’s time. Most importantly, the procedure is painless, it is safer than X-rays or CT scans since radiation isn’t involved, and it is a less expensive method of diagnosis.

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