DED Highlights 2020-2021 

  • Conducted the 1st contact-session of 2nd CHPE (Certificate course in Health Professions Education) in March 2021. 
    • Blended learning certificate course embedded with face-to-face and online teaching modalities,
    • The targeted audience is academic designation holders from Basic & Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences. 
    • Participation was from various Medical & Dental programs of Pakistan including ZU.
  • Revision of the competencies is in progress initially defined for MBBS & BDS programs in 2015 in order to standardize these as generic competencies for all ZU programs. 
    • Learners have to achieve these competencies by the time they reach the end of the program. 
    • These competencies have in turn been aligned with the exit-level/program learning outcomes and course objectives. 
  • Carried out MDRs (Multidisciplinary reviews) of questions to ensure validity and reliability of the assessment. (Refer Annexure-1A: Summary of DED Activities from Jan 2020 – April 2021)