Department of Continuing Professional Education

The Ziauddin University department of Continuing Professional Education is committed to serve through programs of excellence in education, patient care, research and other public service initiatives, which advance the health of the general public. Continuing medical education provides opportunities for the health care professionals to continue the learning, utilizing adult learning principles and available technology.

Major responsibilities of the CME Program are:

  • To identify the educational needs and interests of the medical community.
  • To provide learning opportunities for new knowledge and skills.
  • To partner with other health care facilities and educational institutions to promote public health.
  • To strive to heighten the health professional’s awareness of the need for compassion in patient care and the dignity of human life.

The DCPE provides assistance in planning, developing and providing activities to physicians, nurses and other allied health care personnel in ZU. The courses would be offered to health care providers at the local, national level and regional levels in full compliance with PMDC and University policies.

To maximize learning opportunities, a wide range of activities are offered which include, formal courses, seminars, workshops, video conferences/distance learning, journal clubs, grand rounds and teaching conferences, and innovative technologies such as web-based learning activities for personal skill development in medical procedures and teaching competence. All activities are conducted in compliance with the essentials of the PMDC and Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and the rules and regulations of the Ziauddin University