Academic Council

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui Vice Chancellor Chairman
Prof. Dr. Anwar Ejaz Beg Advisor to Chancellor Member
Prof. Dr. Abbas Zafar Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Member
Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Sial Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
Engr. Dr. Samreen Amir Dean, Ziauddin University Faculty of Engineering Science

and Technology

Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza Dean, Research Member
Prof. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra Director, Post Graduate Studies (Clinical) Member
Dr. Nida Hussain Director, Faculty Affairs Member
Ms. Manizhe Ali Director, Ziauddin College of Media Sciences Member
Prof. Dr. Zahida Memon Principal, Ziauddin Medical College Member
Prof. Dr. Mervyn Hosein Principal, Ziauddin College of Dentistry Member
Ms. Alia Nasir Principal, Ziauddin College of Nursing Member
Ms. Amina Siddiqui Principal, Ziauddin College of Speech & Hearing Sciences Member
Ms. Sumaira Imran Farooqui Principal, Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy Member
Dr. Ayesha Iqbal Principal, Ziauddin College of C.L.S & Medical Technology Member
Dr. Uzma Ghouri Associate Director Academics (Clinical), Clifton Campus Member
Dr. Khalid Hussain Mahida Associate Director Academics (Clinical), Kaemari Campus Member
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fawad Associate Director Academics (Clinical), North Nazimabad Member
Dr. Arif Hussain Assistant Dean, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences Member
Dr. Arshia Samin Director, Quality Enhancement Cell Member
Mr. Nadeem Zafar Controller of Examinations Member
Dr. Khalid Mehmood Physician, AKU Member
Dr. Javaid Khan Physician, AKU Member
Prof. Dr. Nuzhat Hassan Head of Anatomy Department Member
Prof. Dr. Javaid Usman Head of Department, Family Medicine Member
Prof. Dr. Saeeda Baig Head of Department, Biochemistry Member
Dr. Iram Khursheed Head of Department, Medical Education Member
Dr. Almas Farhan Head of Department, CME Member
Mr. Mohammad Yousaf Registrar Secretary Member


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