Student's Life

Student Affairs is the department or division of services and support for students at institutions of higher education to enhance student’s growth and development globally and nationally. The student affairs practitioners work to provide services and support for students at institutions of higher education.

Ziauddin University Management took the initiative to establish a student affairs department which is headed by Director Student Affairs. Since the department was set-up in September, 2014 a wide range of extra-curricular activities, professional workshops for students, seminars have been conducted for student’s capacity building, grooming and confidence building. Students are also provided with individual career guidance and mentoring sessions for their professional development.


Some key highlights of the year are as Follows:

  • USMLE Guidance Sessions by US Medical Attached exclusively for Ziauddin University Students
  • Aao Parhao- Recognizing Best Teachers at Ziauddin University- Collaboration- Express Tribune
  • Diverse student activities organized in Student Week celebrated by ZLCS- Student Body
  • I am Karachi- Inspirational Role Model Talks for student’s motivation