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Ziauddin College of Nursing earlier known as School of Nursing was the first Academic unit of Ziauddin University. It was established and recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council in 1986. In 2009, the School of Nursing was upgraded to the level of College. The college offers various programs at undergraduate and graduate level to students coming from varied ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds of Pakistan. The reputation of Ziauddin College of Nursing has grown nationally and internationally owing to the competency, critical thinking and knowledge of the graduates.


Ziauddin College of Nursing is committed to the development of human capacities through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, and application through service.

To advance this Mission, Ziauddin College of Nursing will:


Ziauddin College of Nursing aims to prepare nurses with advanced knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to practice efficient and skillful nursing at national and international level. Hence upon graduation, students are able to demonstrate responsibility and accountability to the nursing profession by:

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