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BS Electrical Engineering:

Eligibility Criteria

Admission by Migration:

Under extraordinary circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Dean/Principal concerned may allow migration of a student from other recognized institutions to the university and vice versa, provided that:-

  1. The academic councils of the institutions are agreed on the migration of student.
  2. The courses of studies are equivalent. The credits earned in the previous institution may be permitted to be transferred to other institutions to which the student migrates.
  3. Migrations are allowed for maximum 50% of total credits.

    Obtain the admission form from the admission office or download from official website of the university.

    Fill the form and attach all the required documents with it and resubmit it to the same office before the last date.

    Eligible applicants shall be called for an interview, at the time of interview bring the original testimonial for verification.

    Selected candidates shall be notified to submit fee according to the fee schedule within deadlines.

    Fee Structure

    Processing Fees Rs. 2,500/-
    Admission Fee (only once) Rs.15,000/-
    Tuition Fee Rs.74,000 (Monthly advance for option 1, First year advance for option 2)
    Security Deposit (only once) Rs.5,000/-
    Examination Rs.10,000/-

    Payment Options
    Option 1: Uniform Monthly Installment

    At the time of Admission
    Admission + Security 20,000
    1st Installment 6,200
    Total at the time of Admission 36,200
    Monthly Installment (First Year) 7,000

    (47 Installments: tuition fee + Examination Fee)

    Option 2: Lumpsum for each Year

    At the time of Admission
    First year 106,000
    Every year 74,000 (3 years) + Examination Fee

    At the time of admission, selected candidates will be required to deposit fee either under Option 1 or Option 2. Thereafter monthly or semester fee will be deposited by students every semester in advance according to the official notification on the notice board.

    The students claiming exemptions from any course or courses will be required to pay Exemption Fee at the rate of Rs. 2,500/- per subject in the beginning of the semester.

    Fees once deposited are not refundable, except security deposits.

    Please note 5% tax is applicable on Fee. Fee that is taxable includes Tuition Fee, University Fee and Examination Fee.