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B.E Bio-Medical Engineering


To be recognized as a high-quality research driven Engineering Department with a program of excellence both undergraduate and graduate level education.


The Department serves the university, the community and the engineering profession through education, research and design activities. Our endeavor is to develop students useful to society, humanity in general so that they may comprehend the ethical, social and economical implication of their work. We open the doors for students on merit without any prejudice.


At present, Department of Biomedical Engineering is an integral component of Ziauddin University with a program aims at design and problem solving skill of engineering with medical and biological Science to improve healthcare environment via diagnosis and treatment with hands-on training through intensive laboratory course work and projects encompassing real-life biomedical problems. The Department is currently offering 4-year B.E in Biomedical Engineering with a vision of 2-year Master Degree (M.E) in Bio-electronics & Biomedical Engineering.

So far, our Four (4) Batches have been passed out and are duly accredidated by PEC& almost all of our graduates are on jobs in the field, demonstrating their capabilities not only in Pakistan but also in abroad as well.

The infrastructure comprises of two main blocks comprises of lecture halls & labs which are fully equipped with state of art equipment lead by dedicated faculty for the improvement of Biomedical Engineering status in the country by producing skilled human resource in the field of healthcare.

To meet current challenges of developments & research in the health care sector, the faculty is enhancing professional skills on Research & Publications by attending workshops, seminars, conferences.

Co-curricular activities are also arranged the University to maintain the physical fitness of students. Workshops, Seminars & Job fair for students are also organized to polish them Technically& Socially.

Scope & Opportunities

The modern hospitals are now the centerof a technologically sophisticated healthcare system which requires highly-skilled professionals. Biomedical Engineering blends traditional engineering techniques with biological sciences and medicine to improve the quality of human health and life. Biomedical Engineer plays an indispensable role as a health care professional, working with the group that includes Physicians, Nurses, Therapists and Technicians.

Biomedical engineer concentrates on understanding complex living systems via experimental and analytical techniques and on the development of devices, methods and algorithms that advance medical and biological knowledge while improving the effectiveness and delivery of clinical medicine. Biomedical engineers may work in hospitals, universities, industry and laboratories. They enjoy a range of possible duties, including the design and development of artificial organs, modeling of physical processes, development of blood sensors and other physiologic sensors, design of therapeutic strategies and devices for injury recovery, diagnostics, physiological monitoring, development and refinement of imaging techniques and equipment, development of advanced detection systems, testing of product performance, and optimal lab design.

Biomedical engineers specialize in a variety of functional areas, including bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials, clinical engineering, computational biology, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering, systems physiology and tissue engineering.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Biomedical Engineering student will demonstrate the following attributes by the time they graduate:

In addition, many, though not all, graduate are also expected to demonstrate on more of the following characteristics:

Scheme of Study

Courses of Study for B.E. Degree in Biomedical Engineering

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Placing in Hospitals / Biomedical Equipment Supplying firms and Clinical Laboratories:

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Placing in Hospitals / Biomedical Equipment Supplying Industries:

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