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Research excellence in all fields of study is central to the mission of Ziauddin University and a pinnacle priority for the Department of Research, as the key elements to success of the University’s that need to be preserved.

Education at ZU would not be complete without its vital research community. The Health Sciences Research Program encompasses several faculties and departments across ZU campuses that contribute rich atmosphere. With College of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Physical Therapy and Education, ZU offers unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in health sciences education and research. These faculties are particularly important in linking our researchers together and offer a venue to link scientists working on basic biomedical research to physicians working on problems that directly affect patient care. ZU community is in continued pursuit of ever greater accomplishments in research through our commitment to innovation, excellence and quality. We share new knowledge for educating and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

The ZU faculty maintains active research laboratories that are exploring existing questions, spanning from the most basic to the most translational aspects of health sciences research represented by the National and International publications in reputed journals. Research Days are a series of events which will be hosted this year to show case outstanding research at ZU, both for our own community as well as probable industry collaborators. Feel free to communicate directly with faculty to explore the availability of research opportunities and specific areas of investigation.


To be recognized as the icon of innovative, leading edge clinical and translational research in South Asia


Department of Research through its Offices of Research innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), Basic Research Coordination (BSRC), Publication and Grant is the central coordination body for research at Ziauddin University which supports the overall vision of the University to conduct research. The Department facilitates research that enhances the knowledge building environment at Ziauddin University by:

Advancing academic research and developing the University’s reputation as the most renowned private research University


Core Facilities

The Research Laboratories (MDRL 1 & MDRL 2) at Ziauddin University provide

Research Lab Faculty:

Cordination With The Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Laboratories At North Campus

This is a state of the art diagnostic facility with the availability of high technology equipments for research purpose also. The students avail the services at Clifton Campus and also visit North Campus in the various sub specialties through coordinators mentioned below:

Ziauddin University Hospital Facilities

The following hospitals facility are available to the students for research regarding samples and patients within stringent protocol of bioethics.

Research Activities

Department of Research has designed Certificate Courses, workshops to facilitate physician, junior faculty and mid career clinicians, graduate & undergraduate students.

a) Monthly Activities
b) Yearly Activities

Research Monitering And Promotion Committees


To develop and consolidate a platform for researchers in Ziauddin University and to facilitate the process of quality research ensuring its strategic relevance to be consistent to Ziauddin’s policies.

URC monitors and reviews the policies relating to the University’s research activities, including research and research training, internationalization and international reputation and their management.


Vice Chancellor (Chair)
The Dean of Research (Deputy Chair)
All Faculty Deans (or delegate)
Associate Dean Faculty Affairs
Up to two additional members invited by Chair/ Deputy Chair
Executive Secretary, Director ORIC
Minutes Secretary, Office Assistant

Sub committees mentioned below are governed under the rules and regulations of URC in line with ZU policies.

ORIC Office

Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) is an Integral section of research department operating at the Ziauddin University,Karachi. ORIC was established at the University in 2015, at proposed guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad for all Universities/DAIs of Pakistan to establish “Offices of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)”.

Research excellence in all fields of study is central to the mission of Ziauddin University and a pinnacle priority for the department of research, as the key elements to the success of the university’s that need to be preserved.

As technologies have grown more sophisticated and emerging industries have become more high-tech, Universities have become more important players in the process of invention, innovation and commercialization.

Universities have become more entrepreneurial and look towards technology transfer into non-traditional fields, there is a need for alternative conceptualization of technology transfer that are more accurate and realistic than the traditional linear model and that are generalizable to the nuances of the university to which they are applied.

Publication Office

The Research Department facilitates and promotes the research publications to provide access to the faculty, graduate and undergraduate students of Ziauddin University and other National Universities.


The Research Department’s overarching aim in supporting international; research collaboration is to maximize ZU’s contribution to and benefits from international and national research collaborations, partnerships.

Summer Iternship/ Training Program

Intensive training courses are designed to expose students to state of art techniques. It is meant to develop skills and building tools for conducting independent research in Health Sciences.

This program helps in mentoring the career development, awareness and interests of University undergraduates/ Faculty in Health Sciences Research.

Core Facility Services

We would shortly be offering core lab services to the researchers at national level at an affordable cost such as protein isolation, separation and quantification beside SDS-PAGE, 2-D electrophoresis, immune blotting, and immune fluorescence, Real Time / Conventional PCR. Gel Imaging and HPLC and others.

Library Services And Facilities

Contact Information

Office of the Dean of Research
Ziauddin University
Karachi 75600, Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 35862397-9, Ext. 566
Fax: +92 21 35862940