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Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to Ziauddin College of Dentistry for a four year BDS degree course is open to all individuals who meet the selection criteria. All candidates are selected for their academic achievements and potential.

Students are admitted to the first year of BDS on previous high school and/ or college academic record, and scores in test and interview conducted by the Ziauddin University. Selection of student is on the basis of an admission policy approved by the Governing Body of Ziauddin University, which is in line with the regulations of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Students are largely admitted in the category of local residents. Only a few seats are available for overseas students.


The general criteria for students seeking admission to BDS degree programme are as follows:

Minimum 60% marks (un-adjusted) in Pre-Medical group of Higher Secondary Certificate Examination held by Board of Intermediate Education in Pakistan. Local and overseas students are required to take a written test (MCQs) and appear for an interview. Proficiency in English language, both in written and verbal expression is required.

With GCE Cambridge/London, ‘Advanced level’(A level), American High School Diploma, and other equivalent Certificates or Diplomas, an equivalence to HSC (Pre-Medical) will be decided as per the guidelines of HEC. Students with American High School Certificate are also required to submit SAT–II with a minimum recommended score of 550 in subjects of Biology, Chemistry and one more Science subject.


The university has defined the category of Overseas Students as follows:

Note: Change to Local Resident status will not be allowed to those admitted as Overseas Students.


Note: Before submitting applications, applicants must ensure that they have complied with the instructions given with the application form. It remains the responsibility of the applicant to submit application according to the instructions. Students are expected to submit photo copies of documents along with the application and originals for the purpose of verification by the university. If required, the university will check the authenticity of the documents submitted with the concerned school, college, board or university.

Test & Interview

IV. Admission Test

The university conducts an Admission Test for all eligible local and overseas candidates. The test consists of Multiple Choice Questions of various types. The test comprises four to five sections designed to assess each applicant’s performance in the areas of:

The level of questions in sections of Biology, Physics and Chemistry corresponds to that expected at the end of Intermediate Examination or equivalent qualifications e.g.12th Year etc.

V. Interview

Short listed applicants will be interviewed to assess their suitability to complete BDS course and pursue a career in health sciences


The Registrar of the university will notify students who are successful in the admission process. Successful applicants are given a dead line by which to accept the offer of admission. Offers not accepted by the given deadline are cancelled.


Successful students selected for BDS programme are expected to fulfill the following:


Students seeking admission to BDS first year of Ziauddin University are expected to pay the fee approved by the Governing Body of the University. Admission fee is submitted only once, at the time of admission. For subsequent years, students are required to pay only the tuition fee.

For local students, fee will be paid in Pakistani currency and for overseas students in US dollars.

Parents/guardians are advised to ensure that fee for each academic year is paid by the due date. The university reserves the right to cancel admission if the fee is not paid by the due date.

Students who repeat the year due to failure or otherwise are required to pay the tuition fee for the year being repeated. The university does not handle cash or personal cheques. Fee must be paid in the form of pay order payable to Ziauddin University.

Fee Structure

Local Residents
Prospectus and Application Form Rs. 2,000/-
Application processing fee Rs. 2,000/-
University Fees Rs. 250,000/- (Non Refundable)
Tuition Fee Rs. 730,000/- (First Year)
Overseas Applicants
Prospectus and Application form US $ 100
University Fees US $ 3000
Tuition Fee US $ 14,143 (First Year)
Other Charges for both local and overseas students
Security Deposit Rs. 2,000/-
Medical Examination Fee Rs. 5,000/-
Documentation fee: Rs. 7,000/-

Payment of Fees: On receiving offer of admission from the Registrar of the University, students are expected to deposit the required (non-refundable) admission and tuition fees within the due date mentioned in the offer letter. If the required fee is not submitted within the specified date the admission will stand cancelled.

Note: Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardian..
The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Examination Fee will be charged separately.

Advance fees to be paid annually. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of academic year. 2% surcharge per month will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.


A graduate with a BDS degree is open to endless opportunities in clinical and non-clinical specialties locally and internationally. Students can pursue clinical postgraduate training or fellowship programmes. Students who choose not to undergo clinical postgraduate training or fellowships can opt to do Masters or Ph.D in the field of their choice which will help them to become full time academicians.

Self-employment is also a promising avenue. With experience, a dental graduate can start his/her own individual clinic. Many dentists prefer private practice as it provides the best financial prospects along with a greater level of independence.