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Clinical Research Committee

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The Clinical Research Committee was formed on the instructions of the Academic Council of Ziauddin University.

All research projects involving human subjects, whether as individuals or communities, including the use of foetal material, embryos and tissues from the recently dead, undertaken or supported by Ziauddin University faculty, staff or students, wherever conducted, will be first reviewed by clinical research committee. CRC approval is mandatory before submission to Ethical review committee ERC.

How does CRC work?

Principal investigator / MD MS candidate after discussing their research proposal with supervisor will have to submit following document at secretary CRC,PG office:

These documents will be sent to two reviewers for review and all members of CRC. CRC meets on first Wednesday of every month. If research proposal is approved a letter of approval is issued by CRC secretary as a hard copy to principal investigator. CRC approval is mandatory before submission to ERC.

A research proposal must state the purpose of the research; the reasons for using humans as subjects; budget; the nature and degree of all known risks to the subjects; and the means for ensuring that the subjects' consent will be adequately informed and voluntary.

Process of submission:


Dr. Zile Rubab

Dr. Zubia Masood

Dr. Abbas Zafar

Dr.. Khalid Iqbal

Dr. Habiba Sharaf Ali

Dr. Adnan Zuberi

Dr. Farah Ahmed

Dr. Hasan Danish

Dr. Uzma Ghori

Dr. Farhana Zafar

Dr. Haider Naqvi

Dr. Bushra Wasim

Dr. Talat Mirza

Ms. Aliya Nasir

Ms. Ambreen Wasin

Dr. Shama Chaudhrey

Dr. Khalid Iqbal